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I have a small-but-growing project studio in my basement.  It’s fully digital, based on Steinberg Cubase SX3.  I have 16 channels of analog input and output at 44.1kHz sample rate, or 8 channels at sample rates up to 196kHz (never tried that yet).

It’s mostly used to record jam sessions.

Recording gear:


  • Ampeg V4-B bass amp.
  • Mesa Boogie guitar amp.
  • A drum set.
  • A pretty decent Fender Precision Bass knockoff.
  • A Fender Strat copy my brother made.
  • M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 weighted MIDI controller.


  • Cubase SE
  • Halion SE
  • Groove Agent SE
  • The Grand SE
  • Native Instruments Pro-53 soft-synth
  • Native Instruments B4 Hammond emulator
  • I created a MS Word template that can be used to create labels for the PX3000 patch bay.

    Wish list (any of these would make a great birthday gift…):

    • One or two eight-channel extenders for the Mackie Control Universal.
    • Custom-made mixing desk.
    • Separate control room and studio.
    • Drum booth

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    1. I lean more towards the hardware side of things, e.g. classic 80s and 90s modules, rather than VSTs and soft synths. To date, I’ve had problems with latency issues, and never had the patience to resolve them 😉 Also agree with Jones … some pics would be interesting.

    2. Hello, sounds Like you have a desent project Studio going there. I was wondering if I may ask a Favor, I just Bought a Behringer PX3000 patchbay. and I could use some help wireing it.
      My Gear
      MACKIE SR32-4 Mixer
      M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R , Interface
      BehringerPX3000 patchbay
      Digitech RP150 effect unit for my Guitars
      Voice Box , Harmonizer
      2 PreSonus Studio Channels , PreAmps
      Art Pro Channel PreAmp
      ALesis 3230 Compressor
      PreSonus Comp16 , Compressor
      biamp Professional 140 Reverb unit
      HP4 HeadPhone Amp
      Behringer Pro 2 channel PreAmp
      maybe more can’t remember right now. I’am not home at the moment

      my goal is to set up my patchbay to have easy excess to record and to have some of my outboard gear to mix in the Box. I have a vocal booth and I’d like to have 1 or 2 inputs in there for vocals. I bought a Stage Snake, with a Box at one end with 12 inputs and 4 outputs , it has XLR plugs at the other end. sure hope you can help, I’ve had cables all over for a week now.

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