More channels is more better

I recently picked up a Behringer ULTRAGAIN PRO-8 DIGITAL ADA8000. It’s basically an 8-in/8-out audio interface, with mic preamps and phantom power available on every channel. The digital side is an ADAT light-pipe. At CDN$360, it’s probably the cheapest 8-channel A/D D/A on the planet. That’s Behringer for you.

Of course, an ADAT light-pipe interface to the computer is required. Fortunately, my main audio-interface is a much more expensive MOTU 896HD, which has ADAT in and out connectors on the rear panel. So, I just added the cheap ADA8000 to my rack, wired it up, and instantly doubled the analog channels in my studio.

That’s a good thing, because in the past we ran out of channels when we tried to thoroughly mic up the drum set, plus bass and guitar.

I had some challenges in getting it to go, though. The ADA8000 can generate its own sample clock, or it can get it externally from the ADAT-in pipe, or from a BNC cable. I tried using the ADAT clock option, but I got a lot of clicks and pops. I went and bought a properly spec’d BNC cable and terminator instead, and that seemed to solve my clocking problems, at least for analog-input. I still get some clicks when I try to use the analog outputs, though. Fortunately, I don’t really use the analog outputs much. I have eight outputs already on the MOTU 896HD, and I rarely use any of them. All my effect processing is done by VSTs in software. If I really need to get all 16 analog outputs going, I’ll probably have to spring for a master clock generator.

Some weaknesses of this device. The phantom-power is an all-or-nothing affair; you can’t turn it on for individual channels. And it is limited to a 48kHz sample rate. The MOTU can go as high as 192kHz. But the Cubase SE software I’m currently using is limited to 48kHz too, so it’s not a problem.

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  • anyone know how to fix one? DONT buy the ada 8000 unless you absolutlely cant afford a better interface. i got onew brand new from an ebay store for 180.00 it burnt up and quit working after 3 hrs of use. it was a toatal loss at this point. cant get warranty work cuz ebay is not authorized. im a ellectronic technition but cant get my hand on a wiring diagram. i think either the transformer or the in line op-amp lm339. any help out there?? i reccomend a dgdi 002 and a prsonus 8 channel d/a a /d converter. it 2000 vs 200 but the berhinger stuff is completre crap.

  • Tools 6.4 and the Digi 002 Rack. If I update to 6.9 I am not supposed to have the prob.

    Other than that spike/wordclock issue which I have not had the time to fix before recording
    I feel the ADA8000 is generally worth the money. The guy above obviously got scam from
    some one on ebay or he did not RTFM which states you should remove the cover on the back above the Universal Electrical cord and make sure it is set to 110-120 US/Can.

    And with such electronic knowledge Why wouldn’t you buy it from a store where if you did have a problem, especially after 3 days, you could exchange the peice of garbage for a perfectly functioning piece of unexpensive

  • i doubt matthew knew what he was talking about. He can’t even spell technician, when he claims that he is one. Well i’m a colegge stoodunt. i like the ada8000. I think it sounds much better than my Digi 002 pre amps.

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