Christ! They found me!

Today, I received my first weblog comment spam. Some stupid online-gambling pond-scum. I knew it was coming. I know this is a futile little rant, but here it goes anyway…

Do not even fucking bother to spam my weblog! I swear to God, I will burn it to the fucking ground before I let you cocksuckers have it! Scorched earth, shithead.

Hell, nobody reads it anyway. It’s not worth your time to send the spam, and it’s sure as hell not worth my time to delete it. If I receive much more of this crap, I will just shut the comment system down entirely, and that won’t do anybody any good, now will it?

Comment-moderation will be turned on momentarily (I thought it already was, actually). Not one fucking particle of your spam will be seen by anyone.

And that is as it should be.

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