Canon EOS 20D

After many years with my trusty Nikon Coolpix 990, the time has finally come to upgrade. Digital SLRs are finally within reach of the “prosumer”.

A few of my friends have the Canon EOS 10D, and a decent selection of lenses. It seemed fitting that I should also go the Canon route. But with the new EOS 20D on the market, that seemed the obvious choice.

I just got a new Visa card, with some reward points. Gave it a good breaking in, buying the new camera, the new 17-85mm EF-S image-stabilized lens, plus some accessories (bag, the “battery grip”, and a Sandisk Extreme 2GB CompactFlash card.)

I haven’t had much time yet for any serious photographic efforts. There is much to learn about this camera. And, being my first SLR, I also have much to learn about lenses.

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