Canon 580EX speedlite

I just bought the new Canon Speedlight 580EX, to use with my EOS 20D. Bought the flash on Tuesday. Took a handful of photos with it. Today, two days later, I turned it on… whirrrr, click click click click, dead. Something in the zooming mechanism is grinding. I have no idea what happened. It wasn’t dropped or shocked in any way. It just up and quit on me.


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  • YOU HAVE GOT SOME KIND OF CLASS IN THIS SITE. Good to see you up and around!

  • And you’re a fucking low-life piece-of-shit spammer (assuming you’re the same “otard” as “otard3091”).

    I only leave this comment here as a warning to others.

    WordPress 1.5 has added a new feature, holding comments for moderation if the poster has not had a comment approved before. A comment like this, highly generic and bereft of any significance beyond flattery, might get him that approval. And then, a few days later, here comes the poker spam.

    Sorry it didn’t make it onto the site (well, not really sorry.) I still moderate 100% of comments, previous approval or not. The volume of legitimate comments I receive is low enough that I can afford to do that.

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