WordPress update

You may notice that my web-log appearance has changed. I just upgraded to the new 1.5 release of WordPress. It seems very cool so far.

1.5 has a new “Pages” feature, which allows me to add content to the web-log which is not associated with any particular date. I will do some experimenting with this. I may use it to import the rest of my fixed site-content into WordPress, so the whole site will become unified in appearance and operation.

It also adds more anti-comment-spam features. You won’t have ever seen any comment-spam, because I have “comment-moderation” turned on. No comment gets onto the site without me approving it first. But, believe me, there is a lot of comment-spam. Mostly from the online poker shit-head. The new version will automatically blacklist any comment submitted through an open or insecure proxy, which means I won’t ever have to see it, even in the moderation queue.

The compartively new phenomenon of “referrer spam” is still going strong, but it’s not a big problem for me. I think it will just force people to stop automatically posting their referrer logs. I don’t know why anybody does that in the first place. I only ever look at the referrer log because I’m curious about who links to me. But, with all the referrer spam these days, the log is mostly ads for poker again (same shit-head, I assume), and counterfeit drugs. When people stop posting their referrer logs, referrer spam will stop by itself.

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