Keyboard war has ended

And I have lost.

I am convinced now that there is a very powerful conspiracy working deep within the computer industry, seeking to ensure that I can never, ever assemble a working system including a keyboard with media extensions, wireless mouse, and a KVM switch. The key players in this conspiracy are Microsoft, Logitech, and the manufacturers of two different KVM switches.

Strangely enough, the Logitech+USB KVM combination does work on my Win2000 box, with none of Logitech’s drivers installed. But the best situation I have been able to achieve on the XP box with the drivers installed is that the keyboard and mouse are recognized, but strangely no input gets through. It seems like the drivers themselves are causing the problem now, I know the hardware is capable to doing better.

I’ve been through two kb/mouse packages from Microsoft, one kb/mouse package from Logitech, and two KVM switches (one PS/2, the other USB), and more reboots than I care to think about. I’m sick of it. I’m giving up. I’ve just plugged the Logitech keyboard and mouse in directly, no KVM switch.

Time to relax with some Doom 3, and forget this whole stupid mess.

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