Strange Noises in the Basement

I have just updated my Music page, removing the links to a bunch of our crappier stuff, and adding a whole lot of good new material that was recorded over the last year. We’re getting better, I think, at making shorter pieces (where short means around 7 minutes… at least it’s better than 20.)

I love this improvised stuff. It’s amazing sometimes what kinds of things can emerge spontaneously, once the right mood is found. Often, it takes hours of pointless noodling (all recorded for posterity, of course), to find that nugget of collective inspiration. Our best jams always leave me surprised and puzzled by what we just did. And often surprised that I actually found the talent to hold up my end of the music.

The new music is mostly done by my brother, his friend Jari (who used to play bass for a fairly well-known band called Warsaw Pack), and myself. Matt and Jari play improvised shows in Hamilton sometimes, going by the name “Hellephant.” So, that’s the name I’ve given to these tunes. Other guests pop in now and then, most recently, Chad Faragher dropped by to add keyboard parts to Hancock Knot for us.

The new Hellephant songs are Accelerando Jam, Plant Food – Phase I, Plant Food – Phase II, El Gusano, Hellephantom, and Hancock Knot (or it’s backing tracks).

There’s more information about each track on the music page.

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