Monthly Archive for May, 2005

Sanjay is smart. So he drives a Smart car.

Sanjay’s first car, which was delivered to him today. A Smart Fortwo Pure, with only 200km on the odometer. The previous owner won it in some contest, but with a wife and three kids, it wasn’t really a practical vehicle for him. So, he sold it on Ebay.
Sanjay's Smart car

It’s a fun little car to drive, it really is! Only 40hp, but with such a tiny car, that’s plenty. Being a diesel, it has lots of low-end torque. It really doesn’t feel so small when you drive it. You only know you’re driving a Smart car because of all the people staring at you. It’s quite a chick-magnet, this car.

Behringer Patchbay Labels

I have added a page to my project-studio pages about how I created labels for my Behringer PX3000 patchbay. I have also provided the MS Word template for the betterment of mankind. That’s just the kind of guy I am.

They look pretty good, if I do say so myself…

Patchbay Labels

Mmmm… butter

I was eating dinner in a restaurant recently. Picked up a little single-serving packet of butter. It says “If you have any questions about this product, call 1-866-xxx-xxxx.”

Ron: (dial dial dial)
Operator: Butter help line. This call may be monitored for quality-control purposes. How may I help you?
Ron: Yeah, I have a question.
Operator: Go ahead.
Ron: Has anybody ever called you with a question about butter?
Operator: (pause)
Operator: No, sir. We were hoping you would be the first. Do you have a question about butter?
Ron: No, I don’t. Sorry.
Operator: Thank you for calling the butter help line.
Ron: Bye.