Sanjay is smart. So he drives a Smart car.

Sanjay’s first car, which was delivered to him today. A Smart Fortwo Pure, with only 200km on the odometer. The previous owner won it in some contest, but with a wife and three kids, it wasn’t really a practical vehicle for him. So, he sold it on Ebay.
Sanjay's Smart car

It’s a fun little car to drive, it really is! Only 40hp, but with such a tiny car, that’s plenty. Being a diesel, it has lots of low-end torque. It really doesn’t feel so small when you drive it. You only know you’re driving a Smart car because of all the people staring at you. It’s quite a chick-magnet, this car.

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  • I love this car, I have been to germany last summer, and there a lot smarts! Just funny this car!

  • Hey, where are the pictures? Gallery link leads to blank page!

  • That album no longer exists. I think those pictures were probably lost at one point when a whole lot of pictures were corrupted. They weren’t very interesting anyway, so I probably just didn’t bother restoring it.

    Edited to remove the dead link.

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