Monthly Archive for July, 2005

Now fortified with advertisements

Visitors to my home page will notice that I’m now showing ads, provided by the Google AdSense service. I don’t know how well this will work out for me, with only a few thousand visits per month (but steadily climbing). But hey, it’s free, and only cost me a little time to set it up. AdSense is pretty cool, really. So far.

If it pays for my hosting, I figure it’s worth the little bit of effort. And it won’t take much to pay for that, my hosting is very inexpensive.

Smart Car impressions

I’ve been driving Sanjay’s Smart Car for quite a while now. I’ve formed some impressions.

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Dakota Fan problem

On Monday morning, just as I was beginning the drive home to Waterloo from Ottawa, about six hours in the sweltering heat, I discovered that the blower in my truck had stopped working properly. Between the time I gave the truck to my friend Jeff to drive for a day, and the time I got it back, something in the fan control broke. Jeff of course denies any wrongdoing, knowledge of, or involvement in this startling development. I think the facts speak for themselves.

Truck: 2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab.
Symptom: Fan only works at highest speed setting. In all lower settings, the fan just turns off.

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I discovered that many people have been hotlinking images from my site, basically stealing my bandwidth. For some reason, this picture of a beer keg from my homebrewing page is very popular. Stolen Beer Keg Image.

I only just noticed this, because the hotlinkers were buried way down in my referrer log, under an avalanche of referrer-spam. For some reason, the referrer spammers appear to have given up, I don’t see nearly so many referrals from online poker shitheads anymore.

I just turned on the “hotlink protection” feature of my web hosting service, which will immediately result in broken images for all the people who have linked my keg. It will be interesting to see how much my bandwidth drops off after this.