DeWalt, and their stupid pricing

I have a DeWalt 12V cordless drill-driver, that I’ve been using for quite a few years now. I have two battery packs for it, but they are both just about dead. They barely hold any charge now.

I went to Home Depot today to buy a pair of replacement battery packs. $94 each. $180 for a pair. Preposterous. How preposterous? For $120, I could instead buy a brand new DeWalt 12V cordless drill, complete with hard plastic case, battery charger, and two battery packs. What is going on here?

So, I bought the new drill. Seems stupid, but there it is. I don’t need the new drill, don’t want the new drill, but I bought it anyway because of their lame-brained pricing. DeWalt could have made even more profit from me, if they were willing to sell me just a pair of batteries for marginally less than they ask for two batteries and a drill. Perhaps we could have split the difference on the cost of the new drill I didn’t want, a win-win scenario. But no. There’s fair and reasonable profit… and then there’s gouging… and then there’s gouging taken to an absurd and self-defeating extreme.

I was thinking better of my purchase, thought I might return it and instead buy a drill from somebody else. Somebody smarter. It is our moral duty as consumers to punish this kind of crap. But a quick look around the marketplace reveals that all the major power tool manufacturers are doing it.

Personally, I think this sort of thing should be illegal. It should be illegal to sell a watch battery for more than the cost of new watch (which includes a battery). It should be be illegal to sell an ink cartridge for more than the cost of a new inkjet printer. And it should be illegal to sell two cordless drill battery packs for more than the cost of a cordless drill, case, charger, and two batter packs.

With landfills filling up with useless packaging and unrepairable, unrecyclable, pollution-causing discarded electronics, with natural resources being depleted at an ever-increasing rate, with the government recommending a maximum safe consumption of freshwater fish (due to heavy metal pollutants), perpetrating this kind of shit just makes no sense at all. It should be illegal.

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