Monthly Archive for September, 2005

Gah! So… much… chocolate!

I just got a Kit Kat Chunky bar from our vending machine here at the office. It’s some kind of weird mutant bar. There’s no wafer in it at all, it’s just chocolate all the way through.

It’s like eating a solid chocolate Easter bunny.

This reminds me of a story. Back when I was in high school, my step father, Marty, was working at a Crown corporation (which shall remain nameless), where they had a water-jet cutter. Nestle was interested in a new way to make Coffee Crisp. They make the wafer in large sheets. They were then using knives to cut the large sheet into bar-sized wafers. But they had a lot of breakage. They were considering alternatives to the knives, and water-jet was one of the things they were considering.

To test the idea, they sent a large number of uncut sheets of Coffee Crisp wafer to test on the water-jet. Marty brought home some of these sheets. They were basically gigantic Coffee Crisp bars, a foot on each side, with no chocolate covering. For a week, I was taking these monsters to school for my lunch. It takes quite a long time to gnaw your way through a 1 ft sq Coffee Crisp.