China day 20

Up at 6am to prepare to go.

Took a shuttle bus to the airport. Along the way, observed another difference in the Chinese way: you commonly see little Mom-and-Pop type shops selling some surprising things. Very industrial things. In Canada, you would never see a tiny shop with a 10 foot frontage selling industrial products like ball-bearings, large valves, etc. That is the domain of major regional distribution centres, small shops could never hope to compete on either selection or price.

But the Western way seems to on its way here, perhaps unfortunately. I have seen Walmart in China. But I wonder… in Canada, Walmart is known as ‘Your Source for Cheap Chinese Plastic Crap’; what is it known as here?

At the airport, we stopped for some of the most expensive coffee I’ve ever had. $4 (dollars, not Yuan) for a small cup of instant coffee. Real coffee was double that, I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction. Insane.

Flight back to Shanghai was smooth, no delays. China Easter Airline seems to have their act together much better than Hainan Air.

Settlied back at our place in Shanghai, and hauling luggage back up six floors again. After getting things under control their, headed over to Sabrina’s parent’s place. While they talked over some things, I browsed Wikipedia on my Blackberry, at slow GPRS rates, filling in gaps in my knowledge of Chinese history.

Then went out for dinner at a Cantonese restaurant in another huge Shanghai shopping mall.

Then home to sleep. Tomorrow, we leave for Canada.

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