China day 21: Homeward bound

Today we return to Canada.

Packed up all of our stuff. Always seems like you go home with more than you came with, even when you deliberately avoid loading up on touristy knick-knacks.

Sabrina’s parents came over. Her dad cooked us a nice lunch of noodles with fried egg, mean and veggies.

Taxied to airport, and now here we wait.

Cleared outgoing customs, which asks a bunch of questions that are none of their damn business. Characteristic of a control-addicted government. Much like the US in that way.

They wanted to know if we were taking any radio communication equipment out of the country. Of course we. So is everybody who carries a cell-phone. I guess that’s not what they’re asking about, really, so said no.

Cleared security. Among the prohibited items: dry ice (I guess one might make pop-bottle bombs, not that they would no much more than scare people), and “magnetized materials”. Of course I’m carrying magnetized materials. Credit cards. Cassette tapes. The flaps in my Blackberry holster are secured with little rare-earth magnets. What exactly are they really concerned about? How can you crash a plane with a magnet, anyway?

Anyway, we’re aboard now, about to pull awat from the gate. Surrounded by babies… a very bad sign for the coming 12 hours. 🙁

Gotta go. Next time I write will be in Canada.

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