Monthly Archive for September, 2006

The curse is lifted… I saw Roger Waters

Well, it seems my curse is not so powerful as I imagined. Marcos at work told me he has often had great luck getting tickets to sold-out shows on the day of the show. Apparently it’s all those blocks of great seats, reserved for various special groups (eg, American Express card-holders). On the day of the show, any reserved seats that didn’t get sold will be released to the public.

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Chipmunks in the attic, pt 2

Continuing the story of the chipmunks in my attic…

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I am cursed

God, I am so pissed off. Why am I cursed in this way?

Why is it that I can never, ever, get to see a Roger Waters concert?

He only tours like once every decade. And every single time, I’m always the last to know about it. Usually I only hear about it long after he’s gone. But this time, to add an extra sting, I get to hear about it before the show, but too late to get tickets.

Roger will be performing the Dark Side of the Moon in Toronto on September 20th. I only just by slimmest chance learned about it this morning. But tickets went on sale in fucking May! All gone. No Roger Waters show for me.

Maybe I’ll catch him in 2016, if he’s still alive.

Squirrels/chipmunks in my attic

I hear them scurrying around in the attic in the morning, and chewing on something (yikes!)

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