The curse is lifted… I saw Roger Waters

Well, it seems my curse is not so powerful as I imagined. Marcos at work told me he has often had great luck getting tickets to sold-out shows on the day of the show. Apparently it’s all those blocks of great seats, reserved for various special groups (eg, American Express card-holders). On the day of the show, any reserved seats that didn’t get sold will be released to the public.

I figured it was worth a try, so yesterday I started checking again for seats. Lo and behold! Some seats were available, and they were good ones! I bought up two tickets right away for Sabrina and myself. Paid the usual Ticket-Bastard extortion fees. Sabrina’s not a Pink Floyd/Roger Waters fan, but she wanted to come anyway, in the grand old tradition of dragging wives and girlfriends out to progressive-rock shows that they won’t enjoy.

We got to the show just in time, thanks to Toronto traffic. When they scanned our tickets, we were told we were being relocated due to kind of cable obstructing our view. Not sure why they sold the seats in the first place, then… but whatever. The seats they moved us to were actually even better still, so that was a big win.

The show was great… a blend of Pink Floyd classics, plus some of Roger’s solo tunes from Pros and Cons and Amused to Death. Plus one unreleased tune, Leaving Beirut, which seemed to go over well despite (or more likely because of) the strong anti-war and anti-Bush lyrics.

The special effects, while modest by classic Pink Floyd standards, were still very effective. I find the reversal here interesting… 10 years ago, Roger Waters was playing small clubs while David Gilmour’s Pink Floyd filled stadiums. Now, we have Roger Waters filling stadiums, and David Gilmour playing Massey Hall (I missed that one, dammit.)

Honestly, though, I would rather see just about any band in Massey Hall than Air Canada Centre. The huge Air Canada Centre setting seems to me to represent the exact kind of detached musical experience that famously drove Roger to spit in the face of a screaming fan in Montreal on the Animals tour, and later provided inspiration for The Wall‘s lyrics and stage show.

But Roger seems to have resigned himself to the stadium setting, and seems to do his best to play to the crowd in his somewhat understated way.

My only complaint with the show is the pair of stoner chicks in front of us that just couldn’t keep their asses in their seats. Look around you… do you see anybody else standing? Just sit your white-trash ass down and listen, dammit! Cripes! And then, for the second half of the show, they were joined by some friends in the seats beside us. A big hill-billy tubba-bubba, standing in my view and smoking (regular tobacco). Perfect.

These chicks were probably not even born when I got into Pink Floyd. And I wasn’t even born when Pink Floyd got started.

Anyway, Trans-Siberian Orchestra is coming back to the Air Canada Centre this November. Sabrina and I saw that show last year, and we both really enjoyed it. I’ll be looking to get us tickets for that next. I wonder, though, should I get the tickets now, or wait until the day of the show? Can lightning strike twice?

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  • I’m glad your curse is lifted! I can offer a possible explanation for the cable seat relocation sitch…Sometimes during the setting up of sound equipment etc…the tech people need to do something that the promotion people didn’t know about and add to their list of seats not to be sold…so the lucky box office supervisor then gets to phone said seat holding patrons and inform them of the move. Very often they are moved to better seats…but only after much arranging, negotiating and sometimes moving the family of the board of directors or even the artists.
    Centre In The Square has had Roger Hodgson twice in the past two years…but maybe he isn’t someone you wanted to see?
    Anyway, glad you enjoyed the show despite the crazy standers!

  • Actually, I would very much like to have seen Roger Hodgson. I quite like many old Supertramp songs. I always miss him too.

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