Monthly Archive for October, 2006

D975XBX / Conroe build hassles

Assembling the new computer proved to be quite a source of frustration. But I got it going.  And so begins the epic saga…
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Christmas came early!

The last of the parts for my new studio PC finally arrived today.  I received a big box of almost all the parts within a couple days of placing my order with NCIX.  But the just-released Seasonic M12 power-supply was back-ordered.

But now, at last, all the parts are in my hands.  Tonight… we build!

The Smartest Guys in the World

I just read (wasting time on Wikipedia again…) about a high-IQ society (along the lines of Mensa) named the Giga Society. Their membership is restricted to the top 99.9999999th percentile of IQ. One person in a billion can qualify. They have six members, which is statistically about all you would expect there to be on the planet.
You’d think with all that brainpower, they’d be able to put together a web-site that formats correctly in Firefox.

“Internet Explorer: The official web-browser of the six smartest people in the entire world.”

Site reorganization underway

I’ve started migrating all of my static HTML content (homebrewing, electronics, music, etc) into WordPress. In K2, I’ve finally got a WordPress theme that makes the site look and work the way I’ve always wanted.

The new pages will be seen at the top, hanging from tabs there.  One major new feature that this gives me is that people can post comments.
So far, only the Homebrewing pages have been moved over. I left permanent redirects in place for the old URLs, so all the links to me out there in the world should continue to function.

The other pages will make there way over as I am able. At that point, WordPress will be running the whole show.

New studio computer coming

With the recent rearrangement of computer roles in my place, I’ve been left without a dedicated studio workstation. I made an attempt at running my home photo gallery on my old home office P2, but that was a failure. The computer was just too slow to handle Apache, MySQL, PHP and Gallery2 with a reasonably snappy response. So I repurposed the P2 machine to just running HomeSeer for my X10 home-automation.

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