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K2 WordPress theme

There’s a new look on the site now. I’ve installed the K2 theme for WordPress. My motive for doing this was two-fold. First, I will be migrating much of my content (homebrewing, electronics, etc., pages) from the hand-crafted static HTML pages into WordPress, basically using WordPress to manage the whole site. I want the new pages to appear as static pages, not as blog posts. And I wanted this static content to appear under a set of tabs at the top of the site, much like it does in the hand-crafted HTML pages. K2 makes this possible (so do many other themes…).

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Funny warning tag

Marcos at work bought a paper-shredder. The kind with a shredding head that sits on top of a basket. Attached to the basket was this warning tag:

Funny Warning Tag

Anything seem weird about this to you? That’s all the tag says. Just “remove this tag”. Nothing else.

The question is this: why couldn’t they just remove the tag at the factory, and save us the trouble? And here’s a way to cut costs: don’t attach or even print the tag in the first place!

Perhaps the corporate legal department declared that products must have more warning tags to ward off lawsuits. Like the way ladders and extension cords are positively festooned with the bloody things these days. I always tear them off… averting my eyes, of course, to avoid inadvertently reading one.

I’m an Uncle!

Yes, indeed, it has happened. My brother has successfully passed on his genes to a new generation. Sometime past midnight on Wednesday morning, Eliza Jane took human form and came to live among us.

Matt and Eliza Jane

New photo gallery site online

The diskspace limits at my web-hosting service are pretty good for US$4.95/mo, and I get all the bandwidth I need. But unfortunately the disk space is not enough to accomodate my ever-growing photo gallery.

To solve this, I have setup a web-server at my home, which I will use mostly just to host photo-galleries. With 150GB of RAID storage (thanks Craig!), it should have more than enough capacity and reliability.

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