Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Sabrina and I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Toronto last week. We saw them last year too, and enjoyed it quite alot. The same again this year.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Toronto 2006Trans-Siberian Orchestra, for those who haven’t heard of them, does a bunch of classical music, Christmas songs, and original instrumentals driven by weedely-deedely electric guitar. You may have seen a video circulating around of an amazing Christmas light display on a house, synchronized to music. Guess who wrote that music…
The show was substantially similar to last year’s. The first half of the show is a connected series of songs telling a sappy Christmas story, joined by bits of narration by a deep-voiced guy straight out of some classic Christmas TV special. The story was the same this year, as far as I could tell. We don’t really enjoy that part of the show quite so much.

The second half of the show is when they rock out, with heavy-metallized classics and cover tunes. We love this part of the show.
Throughout, they put on the most elaborate and expensive light-show I’ve ever seen.

We took a bunch of photos with our Blackberries, which are naturally crappy, but at least they give a flavour of the experience. The best of them are here in my gallery.

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