Today we cleaned out the fridge. Many bits of nasty old leftovers, all flushed down the garbage disposal. Found a large chunk of lasagna that neither of us would dare to eat. I pushed it into the disposal in two fairly large chunks. With the disposal turned on and water running in, I heard a pop and suddenly felt something wet on my feet.

Lo and behold, disgusting water is pouring out of the cupboard doors and onto the floor below the disposal!

The drain pipe clogged up, and the pressure from the garbage disposal blew a compression fitting apart. My cupboard was sprayed on every surface with a disgusting mess of ground-up moldy old lasagna and other even older things I couldn’t identify. It was pouring out on the floor, getting everywhere. And it looked, I swear to God, exactly like puke… an inhumanly large volume of puke, all over the walls of the cupboard and the kitchen floor.

As I slowly sponged it all up into a bucket, I knew in my head that it wasn’t actually puke… but my stomach still wasn’t none to happy. In such a situation, sympathetic puke becomes a distinct possibility. Fortunately, it didn’t happen.

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