Monthly Archive for January, 2007

Brown crunchies

I was just getting coffee in the kitchen at work. The sugar bowl beside the coffee machine is, as always, full of brown crunchy nuggets.

What is wrong with you people? There are stir sticks only inches away from the sugar bowl! Why must you use the @$%#$%^ spoon? Lazy-ass ignoramuses.

This gave me an interesting idea, though. I could collect those brown crunchies, melt them down, and sell them as coffee candies. Waste not, want not.

Caribbean Cruise

Our 7-day honeymoon cruise in the Eastern Caribbean has come and gone, and was a quite a delight. I heartily recommend it to anyone.

Some photos are up on my home-based photo-gallery.

We’re already planning another cruise. We can get the Mariner’s Society platinum medallion if we cruise 700 days on Holland America… maybe someday. That’s almost two years of uninterrupted decadence. Who can survive that?