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Murka: 1983-2007

Murka, 1983-2007

My little cat Murka left us today, at the advanced age of 24 years. She had a good, long run for a cat.

She was always the sweetest cat you could ever hope for, loved everyone she met. Except dogs… she would savagely attack any dog of any size, utterly without fear, while other, stronger cats ran off to hide.

Recently her strength has been failing, she hasn’t been eating much at all. Special high-calorie cat-food from the vet gave her another half-year of quality living, but lately she’s been going off that too. She wasn’t in any pain as far as we can tell, still loved to sit in your lap and purr quietly. She died peacefully today in her sleep.

A few more pictures of Murka, as a younger cat:

Murka with catnip pillowShe liked milkdscn1920.jpg