Monthly Archive for December, 2007

Weekly World News: Gone but not forgotten

Bat BoyThe tabloid newspaper Weekly World News stopped publication of its print version in August, leaving only the web-site version. This gives me mixed emotions.

I will miss it. It was always a feature of any trip to the supermarket to see what kind of crazy bullshit they were spewing this week. I will miss reading about the continuing adventures of Bat Boy, and keeping up with Elvis’ latest doings.

On the other hand, some good may come of this. WWN was the very bottom rung on the ladder of transparently obvious bullshit. The end of WWN means that there is now a new bottom rung. The new bottom rung is occupied by only-slightly-less-transparently-obvious bullshit beliefs like these:

  • Astrology
  • Psychics
  • Homeopathy
  • Reflexology
  • The healing power of crystals or pyramids or whatever
  • Philip Stein Teslar watches (google it yourself… I’m not going to give them any PageRank)
  • “Biodynamic” foods
  • Perpetual motion / free energy machines

People who believe in those things can no longer say “Well, at least I don’t believe in Bat Boy. I’m not that gullible.” They no longer have that defense. This may force them to reexamine their beliefs with a more critical eye, and perhaps the level of critical thinking in the world will go up just a little bit.

More skepticism in the world would benefit us all.