A good auto-body shop in Kitchener-Waterloo

I recently had some body work done on my Infiniti G35.  Why?  I’d rather not talk about it…

Anyway, I got quotes from a few different body shops around town.  Most were crazy expensive.  But one quote stood out from the others.  It was from Towne Collision, in Kitchener.  It’s a small shop, mostly just one guy, named Sieg.  His quote was very, very reasonable.  And he seemed like a great guy.  So, I went with him.

His operation is pretty old-school.  The tiny little office is lined with pictures of Sieg in the shop, from like 1978.  He’s still wearing the same baseball cap.  No computers in the place, he does everything with big books and a telephone.

Just want to say, his work was flawless, and done right on time.  Being a one-man shop, I had to wait a while before he could start the job, but when he started, he was done when he said he would be done.  The paint match was perfect, no sign that there was ever any damage.

I’m always frustrated when I have to choose somebody for work like this, on a car or house or whatever, by the lack of independent opinions to be found.  So, I’m putting this one out there on the inter-tubes: you can do a lot worse than Towne Collision for auto-body work.  Good work, and priced right.

    Update June 16, 2015:

I have disabled comments on this post. I wrote this post about Towne Collision, but the comments have been dominated by reviews of Rowa Collision, mostly positive, a few negative. I’ve never been to Rowa, so I have no opinion on it.

    Update Jan 13, 2017:

I took my truck’s tailgate to Towne Collision to fix up a dent that was starting to rust. When I went to pick it up, I was sad to hear that Sieg has passed away. He was working right up to the last. The business is closed now.

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  • this guy is such a joke! i had to come back 4 times for him to correct his awful paintjob and he ended up charging an extra $450 for fixing it! and said… what do you want me to work for free? if you dont pay ill put a lien on your car…i told him he doesnt have a signed invoice and he said… i know what your signature looks like…ill sign it dont worry…
    i wanted to knock him out for being such a crook
    i would never recommend anyone to go there…
    MOST OF ALL! NEVER PAY CASH! the guy will say he never did the work if there is anything wrong, plus he doesnt claim the cash to the government and hides it directly in his pocket!
    im definetely contact CRA to do a review on this dumbass

  • Robert of Rowa Auto Collision Repair is an honest and extremely talented man. After receiving several quotes around KW to repair my SUV (many from mechanics who were downright rude), walking into the unassuming office of Rowa was a pleasant surprise. Robert had a smile, said that fixing the SUV would be no problem at all, and also offered a quote that was hundreds of dollars lower than other quotes!! I did some online research, found only glowing recommendations, and the next day dropped off my vehicle. The repair was finished exactly when Robert had promised, and I could not be more impressed with the work done! The silver paint was perfectly matched and blended, the dents have vanished, and the chip in the paint has been repaired.The side of the SUV that was dented and scratched is indistinguishable from the undamaged side! I HIGHLY recommend Robert/Rowa to anyone in the tri-cities area.

  • This is hilarious

    This robert guy has so many fake reviews on here so sad…

    • I vouch for that – i wish this site showed what IP address the post came from – 4/5 of the reviews on here are FROM HIM – he lives at his shop and has nothing better to do then to post reviews – why do you think its on this site where you can make 100 reviews with no emails and not google – because he cant make 100 google accounts

      • As the site admin here, I do have access to the IP addresses, and I can confirm that they are unique. At least they were when I checked a couple years ago. If there’s sock-puppetry going on, then he’s at least reasonably clever about it.

        I have no personal experience with Rowa’s business. My original review was of Towne Collision, and I still vouch for him.

        • piper I would like those IP numpers and I will contact Police for calling me moronand other names.
          Rowa Auto

  • I would be careful with anyone that only takes cash or check … thats sketchy enough

  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ROWA? that guy is a complete moron… he did an estimate on my car and told me $2,000 + it has frame damage so another $600 to put it on frame machine
    I took it to discount on breithaupt and the guy laughed. he only charged me $650 and showed me car when it was apart to prove it has no frame damage.
    rowa is a complete crook! guy hires immigrants out of country because hes too cheap to pay for good bodyman here

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