Failed power supply on Mackie Control Universal

The external power supply on my Mackie Control Universal failed. No power.

All the forums say ordering replacements from Mackie is over-priced and very slow. But it’s just a generic 7.5V 4A regulated switching supply. I ordered this part from Jameco Electronics, and received it shortly after.

Jameco Part #206528
Meanwell P40A-11P2JU-R

The connector on the end is not compatible with the MCU, but it’s a simple matter to swap its connector for the original one from the Mackie supply, being careful to get the polarity right. My MCU is working fine again.

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  • I know this post is old…but the same thing happened to me just this morning, still not sure if it’s the unit of the PSU but I pray the latter. Sourcing the original PSU currently straight from the manufacturer who supplies Mackie. Thanks for the info.

  • I think I may be having the same issue with my MCU. When I attempt to power mine on, about nine times out of ten, the blue screen that should display the track names and levels barely filckers and the unit does not go through it’s normal start-up cycle. Is this what either of you were experiencing?

  • +Ant says he’s “sourcing the original Power Supply Unit from the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) which supplies the units for Mackie — but never tells us who that supplier is. Does anyone know, and have pertinent contact info? Thank you.

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