Monthly Archive for February, 2010

Electronics for old people

As our population ages, here’s one feature that consumer electronics makers really have to start thinking about: lock-down modes for old people.

I need a way to set up my Mom’s TV, cable box and DVD player in such a way that she can’t possibly screw it up.

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Expensive watches

The world of watches is a strange place. The best watches tend to be relatively inexpensive, while some rather poor watches are priced out of range of all but the very wealthy. By “best” and “poor”, I’m referring not to subjective things like aesthetics. I’m not even going to bother thinking about whether a Gucci watch is “better” than a Prada watch. I don’t give a rat’s ass about either of them. I mean the qualities that watchmakers have striven for centuries to achieve: accuracy, reliability, and useful features.

It’s pretty common knowledge that a $20 Timex is much more accurate than a $20,000 Patek Phillipe. From a purely practical point of view, the Timex is a better watch in almost every respect. So why is it that I am so drawn to look at these crazy expensive mechanical watches?

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Wheat decadent bone multi-layer

Here’s a really long bit of insane Engrish from a box of Chinese candies. Just try to understand this, I defy you.

Wuxue city (old name Guangji county) the Guangji crunchy candy, origins from the Ming Dynasty wanlinian, because hands down a loyal son the mother to dye cold illness, by fries ripely the sesame seed, mixes by the sucrose, the mother eats on severalth to cough stops is restored to health, latter improves unceasingly after all previous dynasties famous teacher, chooses a name officially in the Qing Dynasty Daoguang Dynasty as the Guangji crunchy candy, spreads until now. [Ok, now breathe.]

But the Guangji crunchy candy assumes the wheat decadent bone multi-layer, the pine crisp tasty, sweet is not greasy, includes the protein, the carbohydrate, the meals textile fiber, the calcium, the phosphorus, hard, the manganese, the zinc and many kinds of nutrition ingredient and the trace element. Is the leisure, the traveling visits friends, the high quality goods. Burden sheet: Sesame seed kernel (ripe black hemp), white granulated sugar, fine bread flour, wheat tooth syrup, sweet-scented osmanthus.