Monthly Archive for November, 2010

The lost truth about Martinis

Myth: A Martini is any random concoction that strikes your fancy, served in a conical glass.

Reality: A Martini is gin or vodka, with a hint of vermouth, typically (but not necessarily) served in a conical glass.

It is not the conical glass that makes a Martini.  It’s the ingredients.  And the conical glass sucks anyway:  it spills too easily.

I prefer gin.  James Bond prefers vodka for some reason.  True Martini afficionados seem to think the less vermouth, the better.  Some apparently think it sufficient to merely show the Martini the unopened bottle of vermouth, at a distance not less than 1m.

What is it with restaurants and bars having these big Martini menus, in which all but one, maybe two, of the items in it bear no resemblance whatsoever to a Martini?