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Failed power supply on Mackie Control Universal

The external power supply on my Mackie Control Universal failed. No power.

All the forums say ordering replacements from Mackie is over-priced and very slow. But it’s just a generic 7.5V 4A regulated switching supply. I ordered this part from Jameco Electronics, and received it shortly after.

Jameco Part #206528
Meanwell P40A-11P2JU-R

The connector on the end is not compatible with the MCU, but it’s a simple matter to swap its connector for the original one from the Mackie supply, being careful to get the polarity right. My MCU is working fine again.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Sabrina and I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Toronto last week. We saw them last year too, and enjoyed it quite alot. The same again this year.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Toronto 2006Trans-Siberian Orchestra, for those who haven’t heard of them, does a bunch of classical music, Christmas songs, and original instrumentals driven by weedely-deedely electric guitar. You may have seen a video circulating around of an amazing Christmas light display on a house, synchronized to music. Guess who wrote that music…
The show was substantially similar to last year’s. The first half of the show is a connected series of songs telling a sappy Christmas story, joined by bits of narration by a deep-voiced guy straight out of some classic Christmas TV special. The story was the same this year, as far as I could tell. We don’t really enjoy that part of the show quite so much.

The second half of the show is when they rock out, with heavy-metallized classics and cover tunes. We love this part of the show.
Throughout, they put on the most elaborate and expensive light-show I’ve ever seen.

We took a bunch of photos with our Blackberries, which are naturally crappy, but at least they give a flavour of the experience. The best of them are here in my gallery.

Christmas came early!

The last of the parts for my new studio PC finally arrived today.  I received a big box of almost all the parts within a couple days of placing my order with NCIX.  But the just-released Seasonic M12 power-supply was back-ordered.

But now, at last, all the parts are in my hands.  Tonight… we build!

New studio computer coming

With the recent rearrangement of computer roles in my place, I’ve been left without a dedicated studio workstation. I made an attempt at running my home photo gallery on my old home office P2, but that was a failure. The computer was just too slow to handle Apache, MySQL, PHP and Gallery2 with a reasonably snappy response. So I repurposed the P2 machine to just running HomeSeer for my X10 home-automation.

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I am cursed

God, I am so pissed off. Why am I cursed in this way?

Why is it that I can never, ever, get to see a Roger Waters concert?

He only tours like once every decade. And every single time, I’m always the last to know about it. Usually I only hear about it long after he’s gone. But this time, to add an extra sting, I get to hear about it before the show, but too late to get tickets.

Roger will be performing the Dark Side of the Moon in Toronto on September 20th. I only just by slimmest chance learned about it this morning. But tickets went on sale in fucking May! All gone. No Roger Waters show for me.

Maybe I’ll catch him in 2016, if he’s still alive.