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Homebrewing pages updated

I’ve done some more work on my brewing gear, updated a few of my old construction pages, and added a couple new ones.

Converted more kegs into brewing vessels. I used a new welding company, Grand Valley Specialty Welding, who did much nicer work than the last guy. Also added a glass sight gauge to the hot liquor tank.

Updated pages:

New pages:

Mediterranean Cruise 2007 diary online

I just put up my diaries and some photos from our Mediterranean cruise in 2007, on the Emerald Princess.  The photos are also available in full 6 mega-pixel glory at my home-hosted photo gallery (it’s slow, but lots of disk-space.)

Photos in the diary are just thumbnails, and link to the big ones in the home gallery.

Photos from China online now

Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl

After much delay, photos from our trip to China are now available online.

Caribbean Cruise

Our 7-day honeymoon cruise in the Eastern Caribbean has come and gone, and was a quite a delight. I heartily recommend it to anyone.

Some photos are up on my home-based photo-gallery.

We’re already planning another cruise. We can get the Mariner’s Society platinum medallion if we cruise 700 days on Holland America… maybe someday. That’s almost two years of uninterrupted decadence. Who can survive that?

Site reorganization underway

I’ve started migrating all of my static HTML content (homebrewing, electronics, music, etc) into WordPress. In K2, I’ve finally got a WordPress theme that makes the site look and work the way I’ve always wanted.

The new pages will be seen at the top, hanging from tabs there.  One major new feature that this gives me is that people can post comments.
So far, only the Homebrewing pages have been moved over. I left permanent redirects in place for the old URLs, so all the links to me out there in the world should continue to function.

The other pages will make there way over as I am able. At that point, WordPress will be running the whole show.