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K2 WordPress theme

There’s a new look on the site now. I’ve installed the K2 theme for WordPress. My motive for doing this was two-fold. First, I will be migrating much of my content (homebrewing, electronics, etc., pages) from the hand-crafted static HTML pages into WordPress, basically using WordPress to manage the whole site. I want the new pages to appear as static pages, not as blog posts. And I wanted this static content to appear under a set of tabs at the top of the site, much like it does in the hand-crafted HTML pages. K2 makes this possible (so do many other themes…).

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New photo gallery site online

The diskspace limits at my web-hosting service are pretty good for US$4.95/mo, and I get all the bandwidth I need. But unfortunately the disk space is not enough to accomodate my ever-growing photo gallery.

To solve this, I have setup a web-server at my home, which I will use mostly just to host photo-galleries. With 150GB of RAID storage (thanks Craig!), it should have more than enough capacity and reliability.

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Disk space troubles

Visitors to my photo gallery or music pages may notice that large number of photos and the music files are missing-in-action. This is a temporary condition, which I am working on repairing.

My web-host company fixed some problems with their disk-quota system, and immediately discovered that I was way, way over my quota. Like 5 times over. It doesn’t take too many 8 megapixel image files straight out of a Canon EOS-20D to fill up 500MB.

I had to delete many images, just to get back below quota and get things running again. I’m slowly getting the albums restored, but at much lower resolution. Some albums (including some I was hosting for friends) will probably disappear entirely.

I’ll probably have to upgrade my web-hosting plan too. I don’t think I can host everything I want in 500MB. This will, unfortunately, eat up much of my income from the Google Adsense program. Even with a tiny site like this, I was able to make a little bit of money from Adsense. Enough to cover my hosting and domain-name costs, plus have a little bit left over for beer. But the beer money is probably going to have to my host instead. Alas.

Royal Medieval Faire photos online

I have added a gallery of 350 of the best photos taken by Craig and myself at the 2005 Royal Medieval Faire.

I think I’m way over my space allocation for my web-hosting account now. For some reason, their space quota system doesn’t seem to be counting up the space properly. Nobody tell them…

Now fortified with advertisements

Visitors to my home page will notice that I’m now showing ads, provided by the Google AdSense service. I don’t know how well this will work out for me, with only a few thousand visits per month (but steadily climbing). But hey, it’s free, and only cost me a little time to set it up. AdSense is pretty cool, really. So far.

If it pays for my hosting, I figure it’s worth the little bit of effort. And it won’t take much to pay for that, my hosting is very inexpensive.