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.NET Garbage Collector making me batty, again

I wrote previously about two things I had learned, through great pain, about the .NET garbage collector.

Now I have another lesson to add to that.

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Delay-loading assemblies in .NET

I was trying to find a .NET equivalent to the “/delayload” option that the linker has for unmanaged code. For the uninitiated, “/delayload:someDLL.dll” changes the resulting .EXE/.DLL so that someDLL.dll will not be loaded until the first time a function in it is called. It’s a handy option you can use so that you do not need to install someDLL.dll on computers where you know it’s not going to be needed.
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.NET garbage collector making me batty

I’ve spent a few days trying to track down a garbage collection problem in some code I’ve been working on.  I finally figured it out. Along the way, I’ve learned more about .NET garbage collection than I ever wanted to know, and discovered a useful tool to help with these kinds of problems.

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