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Welding Cart

I completed an introductory welding course at Conestoga College last year, and bought myself a small oxy-acetylene torch outfit.  I figured my first real project should be a welding cart. I had my gas cylinders freestanding up against a wall, and that’s just not very safe. I try to cultivate a healthy fear of compressed gas cylinders. Especially cylinders containing oxygen and quasi-stable fuel gases. There are very good reasons for being afraid of gas cylinders.

I know you can buy a welding cart, and it would probably cost a lot less than I spent on materials alone. But if I did that, I wouldn’t have learned anything. I thought it would be useful to gain more experience before I embarked onto some of the projects that I learned welding for in the first place. And good thing I did, because one of the things I learned is that I’m a piss-poor welder.

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