Behringer PX3000 Patchbay Labels

I created a simple Microsoft Word template that I use to print out neat labels for the Behringer PX3000 patchbay.  The template will not fit the PX2000 patchbay, the spacing of the connectors is different.

Patchbay labels

Download the Word file here. And here it is filled out with my own current configuration.

It is basically an image of the front of the patchbay that I captured from Behringer’s PDF documentation, with a Word table overlayed on it.  To fit on 8.5″x11″ paper, I split it onto two lines. It actually fits two complete faceplates on one page.

To use it, just click in the table cell above or below the jack, and type in the label.  You can optionally use Format/Borders and Shading to colour the cells.  I also created some icons to represent the “normalled”, “half-normalled”, “parallel” and “thru” patchbay configurations.  They’re kinda cryptic, I guess, but clear enough to me.

I print the labels on my inkjet using photo paper, mainly for the extra stiffness compared to plain paper.

At this point, you can either cut out just the two label strips and attach them to your patchbay, or you can punch out the holes for the jacks and attach the entire faceplate at once.  For punching out the holes, I use a 7/16″ Forstner drill bit in my drill press.  A regular twist drill will just tear the paper.  Start by clamping piece of rigid backing material to the table (I used a scrap piece of FR4 fibreglass circuit-board material).  Drill a hole in it.  Then drill the holes in the label, using the backing material for support.

I attach the labels to my patchbay using rubber cement.  I can remove the labels and rubber cement residue easily later.

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  • DUDE. I am so STOKED to find this!!! Thank you for saving me so much time and trouble. This is freaking killer. Thanks 🙂

    • I know this is an old thread, but I just developed a program to label patchbays. Its pretty sweet. My company installs recording studios and I have tried many different ways to label patchbays, and I decided someone needed to write a program. Anyway, you can check it out at or drop me a line if you have any questions.

  • That’s a great solution, Ron, thank you. I have applied your technique for labelling my PX1000’s. A craft hole punch of suitable size works well too – if you dont have a drill press.

  • I tried this with my PX2000 and it works great!

    Big Thanks!!!

  • Thanks for making this available. Excellent work!

  • Thanx a million, saved me loads of time. I dunno why Behringer havn’t got these on there website.

  • Thanks a lot. Excellent work.

  • Brilliant. This has made my world complete…thanks so much for doing all the hard work.


  • Thanks!!! It works perfectly!

  • Thanks, mate!

  • Great idea! I can’t figure out how to navigate through Microsoft word to move the columns for my configuration.

  • You mean to resize the columns? Usually you can just hover the mouse over the column line until, find the spot where it turns into two vertical lines with arrows pointing out left and right. Then click and drag to move the column line.

  • awesome man. Though I am, on a whole, good with computer software, I have never messed with Word much. I was able to use your template to achieve a excellent professional label for both of my px3000’s

    I had mine printed to a large format digital printer (at my day job;
    a sign shop) on repositionable vinyl then cut out the jack holes and borders with a plotter, covered it with transfer tape (very similar to masking tape) and laid it down on the faceplate of the patchbays.

    Unfortunately I had to unhook everything from the patchbay to lay down the vinyl. It wasnt as easy to do as I had hoped. The finished product looks like a whole new patchbay. I had the image of the patchbay removed and had them just replace it with black before printing it. so the face plate is just black with bright color coded
    labels telling where everything is routed. Looks great. Never would have done it probably if not for this template. I didn’t know Word was so versatile. Thanks A LOT!!

  • Yup, VERY useful – thanks! Hard to believe that this kind of stuff isn’t already included with the unit. What the heck!

    I’m not so facile with Word templates, so it seems awfully hard to change background colors…for instance, to match up left/right pairs and so on. I’m sure I’ll get it, though.

    Only other thing that might be of help would be a version for the back of the unit, on which the numbers are reversed, of course (24 to 1).

    Thanks again!

  • Very cool of you to share! Much appreciated!

  • Thank you very VERY much! You are very kind to share your creativity and hard work. A true gentleman!

  • Thank you sooooooo needed

  • Thank you, Thank you. My studio loves you.

  • Thanks man!!!!!

  • Thanks, very useful! Like a lot of other people that have used this; I wouldn’t have went to these lengths if it were not for your file. Just wanted to let you know, there’s a website that’s selling your template you created (the one specific to your gear)., for $9.99 a month…you can download your file you posted.

    • Probably nothing I can do about it. I didn’t put any kind of copyright notice on it, which I believe means I inadvertently released it to the public domain. Anyone can do anything at all with it.

      I like how the guy who put it on DocStoc tagged it with a bunch of irrelevant tags also skimmed from my web-site, like “cause cancer” and “state of california” (both from my site’s tagline.)

  • Like everyone else, a hearty THANK YOU! I’ve been trying to figure out how to label this unit for quite a while! Thanks again.

  • nice one man i’m sure others will appreciate this just as i do saved me some time so thought it only right to spend some of that commending you. stay cool.

  • thank you soooo much for the work!!!

  • This is great. Thanx so much!

  • Champion effort!! Many thanks for this, you are a legend!

  • This is spot on. Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks man! Your Awesome!

  • Man!!! you did a great job!!!! Awesome!!! 10000 thks


  • Respect is due, you are a LEGEND!!! Just awaiting a PX3000 in the post, I have planned my configuration and was looking for exactly this. Many thanks!!!

  • Hey Guys, I just release a brand new patchbay labelling program that does not require excel (like my previous version) and is FULLY MAC COMPATIBLE!!! It works with Windows too. Check it out if anyone is interested.

  • Why does the sheet only have channels 13 to 24?
    I get that it’s half rack to fit on page but where’s the left half?
    What am I missing?

  • Thank you very much, it works perfectly, I was looking for this for years!!

  • Thank you very much for this Template. It works like a charm!

  • Danke, Sie sind mein Retter! Thank You great job!

  • Thanks so much for doing this and sharing.

  • This is awesome! cheers to 2022… thanks for sharing

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