• Some site updates

    I’ve put my diary from my 1999 tour of Europe with Craig onto the site. It was fun to read it again. Someday maybe I can get some of Craig’s photos scanned and uploaded to my gallery. Also put up the original “Theory of Operation” document I wrote for the position transducer project I built […]

  • Calculator war is over; HP vanquished

    After thirty years of Hewlett-Packard and Texas Instruments battling it out in the calculator market, it’s finally over. And it looks like TI has won. It saddens me. I don’t claim to know who makes the better calculator, or even if programmable calculators are still relevant in today’s world. But the battle certainly kept the […]

  • Blogging has begun

    I just installed the WordPress blogging system. Installation was pretty easy. Now I just need to figure out how best to integrate this with the rest of the site. I’ve gone and moved some news items from my original main index page into the blog, and back-dated them. But this is really the first item […]

  • Vietnam

    I recently returned from three weeks in Vietnam with my friend Ha. I’ve added a photo-gallery to my site.