Month: June 2004

  • Cheapo piano

    Costco currently has Casio’s Privia PX-100 electronic piano on sale, with a stand, for about CDN$700. I picked one up yesterday for my increasingly-crowded basement studio. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t consider buying a Casio instrument. But this one has 88 keys, velocity sensitive, and weighted for a fairly good piano-like feel. Its built-in samples sound like […]

  • Added England/Germany trip diary and photos

    In October 2002 I made a trip to England and Germany, to visit some friends. I’ve added my trip diary and photo album to the site. Valuable lesson learned on the trip: the ATMs in Europe won’t give you money from an account that is on the “Savings” slot of your debit card. They’ll just […]

  • Here comes the traffic

    For quite a while, I found that Google wasn’t indexing my site properly. From the logs, it appeared that the Googlebot would come by, read my robots.txt, and my index.html, and then nothing else. I couldn’t figure out why, my robots.txt was properly formatted as far as I could tell. Did some reading, and found […]

  • My HP33s has arrived!

    The HP33s calculator I ordered has finally arrived. The manual is an inch thick, and it ain’t because there are 10 languages in it. It’s all English. This is a calculator with a learning curve. Haven’t had time to play with it much, but so far it’s pretty cool. I was surprised to find the […]

  • Bar Butler

    I was in Ottawa yesterday for a business meeting. Had some time free at the end of the day, so we stopped at the Winners store across the road. I found one of those liquor dispenser things that has the bottles upside down. You use the glass to push up the dispenser at the bottom, […]