Month: February 2005

  • New Athlon64 system

    Well, I’m finally getting a new PC together. I’ve been using a Pentium 2 300MHz for quite a long time now. Even now, the P2 is mostly adequate for what I want to do. For web-surfing, email, and web-publishing, you really don’t need more than that. But I’ve been doing more image and video editing […]

  • The end of my comment spam!

    I’m delighted to report that as of Feb. 20, when I changed all old articles to disallow pings, I have been 100% comment-spam-free! On the other hand, I have also been 100% comment free, but that’s normal. I think since I started this blog, I’ve only ever had one legitimate comment. But that’s ok with […]

  • Captcha!

    Continuing my struggle against comment-spam… I just installed a “captcha” plug-in, called AuthImage. Try to add a comment, you’ll see the captcha in action. Personally, I’m finding some of these captchas rather difficult to read myself, they are often rather off-centre in the image and chopped off at the bottom. But if they keep that […]

  • WordPress update

    You may notice that my web-log appearance has changed. I just upgraded to the new 1.5 release of WordPress. It seems very cool so far. 1.5 has a new “Pages” feature, which allows me to add content to the web-log which is not associated with any particular date. I will do some experimenting with this. […]

  • Security web-cam catches burglar

    Following the attempted break-in at my house, I was wishing I had set up an automated camera system to get photos of the culprit. Even cheap web-cams come bundled with software that can do it. A story on Slashdot today reports that somebody in England set this up, and it worked. Using the photos, the […]