UPS “Brokerage fee” class-action

Apparently a guy in British Columbia has filed a class-action lawsuit against UPS, for the ridiculous “brokerage” charges they demand from the recipient of any US->Canada shipment. Frequently the brokerage fees will be more than the shipment is worth.

Unfortunately, the case is in BC only at this time, but if one starts up in Ontario, I’ll be there. Those bastards have fucked me one time too often.

FedEx used to be better, but they started doing it too (I guess they could smell the money too). The only viable option remaining is the regular postal service (which charges a flat $5 for the same service). That is cool, I’ve had good luck with simple US Postal Service shipments of CDs ordered from the US. But some stores refuse to ship that way.

I want to buy a Technivorm coffee maker, only available from the US, but haven’t been able to figure out a good way to do it without paying off those gangsters. I think there may be an option whereby I drive to a customs office and clear the package myself. That would likely cost me more in gas than I save in brokerage fees, but it would be worth it.

Update: Man, close to 200 comments so far, almost all of them from very angry people. I’ve have since learned more about doing your own customs clearance, including some relevant information straight from Canada Border Services Agency.

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  • Indeed. I am constantly bitching about these services. UPS is especially bad. The following site ( and others like it try to offer alternatives, but they end up shipping via the shippers we want to avoid.

    When we had our wedding rings shipped, I chose USPS (which converted to Purolator here). Purolator sucks for many reasons, but the prices were reasonable especially for the requested insurance. What really angered me was the duty, tariffs and taxes applied to our purchase. We ended up spending an additional 25% to get the rings across the border. Those fees are nothing but punishment for not buying in Canada. If I could have bought the damn rings in Canada, I would have. No one made exactly what I was looking for…

    Greed makes the Western economies move forward.

    “Play or be played”

  • One of the taxes you probably paid is the “excise tax”, charged on luxury items like jewellery. It’s actually being phased out.

  • Universities have their own brokerage firms to avoid the excessive charges. Carleton uses Livingston Brokerage… I wonder if there is a way you can contract your own brokerage firm to handle the border crossing segment of your purchase? I know when I track a package from UPS or FedEx that I get a line that says “package awaiting clearance from private brokerage firm” or something to that effect.

  • If we’re talking about shipping whores, I’m in.

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  • There actually is an Quebec/Ontario class action concerning the Brockerage fee issue. Check out to sign up.

  • Well, that is interesting. But it doesn’t much Googling to find some rather unflattering commentary about that particular law-firm. Harsh words like “conduct unbecoming a lawyer.” That sort of thing.

    The top result (after Merchant Law Group’s own site) seems to be a “Merchant Law Group Sucks” kind of site. Some woman with a serious axe to grind. The site seems kinda scatterbrained, and it takes a while to figure out what it’s actually about. If it was that site alone, then I wouldn’t necessarily put much stock in it. But her links are real. CBC, MacLeans, sites like that.

    My impression is that this is the sort of class action suit in which, even if you win a settlement of $10M, the lawyer will get $9M and the clients will get a few bucks each.

    Is it worthwhile to allow your name to be part of something like that? Maybe… it would punish UPS and maybe bring about some change. But when the lawyers take the lion’s share of the money, justice is not really being served.

  • “The site seems kinda scatterbrained, and it takes a while to figure out what it’s actually about.”

    If you find it is scatterbrained then you haven’t spent enough time reading it. “The serious axe to grind” is coming from more than one woman as the documentation and comments that are posted on that site prove corruption, and manipulation by lawyers in the Courts. Merchant Law Group is also mentioned several times and it’s not a few lines like a BLOG.

    Matthew Merchant is up on 33 violations which they call a “sanction” with the Alberta Law Society. It’s conduct unbecoming and even that is a joke. Anyone else would be charged under the criminal code.

    Frank Quennell Justice Minister of Saskatchewan is also pasted all over the site for obvious reasons. There are problems with this lawyer.

    There is nothing scatterbrained about the “certified” court orders on that website, unless you have a problem understanding basic Orders and Judgments.

    Even a retired Supreme Court Judge says there is a problem with Merchant Law Group, so I guess you don’t get it.

    Lastly … that website is not a BLOG where it takes zero effort to throw around opinions like some kind self serving expert.

    It is Merchant Law Group who is short several thousand clients on some of his “class action” lawsuits.

    We do know that much and more …


  • I purchased an item on ebay in Sept of 2006. At that time, the company shipping the product valued the shipment incorrectly, and when it arrived, I refused to accept the shipment from UPS. I called the company, and had them send a new dated invoice directly to UPS/RMS, and UPS promptly rejected it, stating that they didn’t believe the second invoice (though it had been shipped by the manufacturer) and were still going to charge me $62.50 in associated brokerage/disbursement fees. I again refused the shipment. The shipper told me to refuse it, and promptly send a replacement item, with the attached invoice with the corrected amount, and the item showed up a couple of days later.

    November 2006 a bill arrives from UPS/RMS stating that I still owed $62.50 and that I’d better pay it promptly. I phoned, got a confirmation from the CSR that all was well, got a confirmation # that all was well, and forgot about the matter.

    Today, Jan 18/2007 I get a letter from UPS/RMS stating that I’d better pay within 10 days, or it was going to a collection agency. I had to phone these assh*les again, explain again what had happened, stating that I’d refused the shipment, it should have been sent back to the shipper, that I’m not paying any brokerage fee, and that they should seek whatever fees they feel they’re owed from the shipper. Not me.
    The CSR stated I can only write this down, pass it along, and I should check back in 10 days to see what’s happening (he also demanded my tel number, and I told him not farking likely, as it’s unlisted and I’m not about to give it him or anyone else). I also told him I’d prefer to settle this in small claims court if they’re going to continue to harrass me.

    Perhaps I’ll give the above law firm a call, and explain what’s going on, or if I’m taken to SMCC, I’d rather hire a lawyer, and counter sue UPS. Not sure for what, but I’d prefer to let the attorney handle that end.

    F*ck you UPS. Your company sucks.

  • In response to John R, have you received any more mail from RMS? I’m in a similar situation where RMS has threatened to take legal action. I owe UPS about $170 in brokerage fees for a shipped item from the US.

    Do you think they would really take legal action for this amount?

    Chris I

  • I wasn’t home this evening when UPS tried to deliver a package, but I was shocked when the notice they left on my door said that I would have to pay $37.28CAN in brokerage fees in order to receive the package. Considering the package is valued at $36US and I already paid $9US for shipping, I found this ridiculous. I promptly called UPS & told them to return the package and to shove their fee up their ass!

    After searching around online, I’m amazed at how many sites there are like this one against UPS. I smiled when I read about the lawsuit filed against them on this site (and another lawsuit originating in B.C. that I read about on another site). I hope UPS gets screwed royally, to make up for all of the customer that they’ve screwed!

    I’ve also filed a complain with the FTC (as advised by another website). While they do not respond to individual cases, each complaint adds to those already filed, and when enough complaints are received, they’ll take action.

    I’m interested to see how all of this will turn out.

  • Awhile ago I ordered a couple of shirts online form the states. When i received the package I also received a bill from UPS for 43.50. Which seemed ridiculous considering I have never received an additional bill for any other order I’ve made from the states. I’m a student, so I didn’t have the money to spare at the time. I meant to pay the bill, but I ended up losing it.

    I expected UPS to simply send me another one. But NO! Instead I receive a letter from RMS demanding I settle the amount. At the bottom of the letter they ask me to fax them my credit card info. Nuts to that. They must be insane to expect me to fax my credit card info to some company I’ve never heard of. So after receiving the second letter, I sent a check. Now I’ve received a third letter and not my check back. So eff them. I’ll pay them just to have them eff off. But I want my check back first.

  • I am writing to tell anyone and everyone to never ever use the services of Merchant Law Group unless you want to get ripped off. As a former employee I can tell you that the things that happen there are terrible and very unethical.

    And as for Matthew Merchant, well his being disbarred is probably the best thing that could have happened, but in a sense you can’t blame him, it is all learned from his father. Tony Merchant should be the one to be disbarred.

    Maybe someone needs to look into the accounting procedures for Merchant Law Group, could find some very interesting things there!

  • Many people have complained to the Saskatchewan Law Society and Saskatchewan Justice over the years, and one can only assume that Tony Merchant has been protected by friend in high places, and that he did not work alone.

  • UPS Expedited service or better includes brokerage. Of course, it’s about US$40 but you get your package within a day or two as well. Obviously not worth it for a CD but perhaps for your coffee maker…


  • i have been ripped of by UPS once too many and i fully back anyone up who files a class action suit against UPS to end this ridicuolous non-sense once and for all. I bought things from other countries because it was cheaper than buying it from local stores but i was wrong. when i was looking at products and the shippign cost it was always cheaper but when i ordered it they shipped through UPS and i did not know of the Brokerage fee. It caught me by complete surprise and with the calculation i was paying way more than just buying it in stores. UPS and the company did not warn me of such a tariff i was going to be charged additional fees and UPS did not mention the hidden charges on website and when contacted about it they would have “no comment” or just ignore it so i back anyone 120% if they are going to try and stop this scam!

  • I just received a note from UPS regarding supplements I had ordered from the U.S.
    They cost $80 US in the beginning. UPS charged me $25.13 brokerage fees. Now the
    $80 supplements are going to cost me approx. $150 total including exchange, shipping and the fees. I was not informed ahead of time about these fees.
    I guess I will pay it but think twice before I order from the US again, especially
    through UPS.

  • A couple days ago I had the same problem. I wasn’t home so my sis took the package and naive as she is, paid the fee! I was stunned! I bought something for $52 and the fee was $30, almost as double! First I thought it was the customs, but then I found out it’s this crazy Brokerage fee that nobody mentions.They should go down, and I will think twice before I choose the shipping method from US again.

    Good Luck

  • I too, received a surprise at my door upon receipt of a pair of boots I purchased online for $60 USD. The surprise, was $48.00 CDN for duty and import taxes – NOTHING anywhere said anything about a “brokerage” fee, which this actually was, since the boots were made in the USA – therefore no duty was due whatsoever. I wasn’t as knowledgeable then as I am now, so I took the credit card out and handed it to the driver – a bit hesitantly however, since I knew my card was well over the limit, and the charge would not go through. UPS just swipes your card old school style, making a carbon copy that you sign – they don’t have, or at least didn’t have, any way to verify your card’s approval on your doorstep. About 10 days later, I received a LETTER, not an invoice, that let me know my card hadn’t been authorized so they would therefore be mailing me an invoice, which would be due the moment I received it.. which, how they could prove it ever got mailed out and received by me, and when the date was I had received it don’t know – doesn’t matter, because it never came. Odd too, that a company would mail an invoice to an individual or even a registered company, that does not have an Account set up with them containing banking information they could actually use to force payment. Oh, right…. maybe it’s because what I owed was NOT law, otherwise the card would have not been accepted at all by the driver, it would have been cash only like everybody else, and I wouldn’t be standing here wearing my my boots – they’d be in holding pattern somewhere else! Anyway, I got the letter from RMS services about 3 weeks or so later, demanding payment within 10 days of the letter date – which turned out to be 5 days earlier than the date I received the letter!!.. but what made me suspicious was they wanted me to FAX my CREDIT CARD info to them, or EMAIL it!! F*ck that! I’m sure others weren’t so smart.. but I didn’t fall for that – as I was also NOT offered any other method of payment! Not by cheque, or bank machine bill payment..nothing. I called the number on the letter, the other end of the line had no voice menu set up, nothing professional at all. The guy that answered barely knew the name of the company, sounded stoned, and had no idea what to do when I said I refused to pass on my credit card information in the two manners in which they demanded to acquire it from me. After a big DUH, UM…. HANG, UM, ON A MINUTE.. he put me on hold, and after 3 minutes I hung up with a disgusted YEAH, RIGHT.. I never paid the invoice, I haven’t heard from UPS or “RMS” since – it’s been almost 6 months, and there has been no ill-effect on my credit rating. My advice is? If you get into this situation where you HAVE the product, they didn’t keep it as ransom, but then try to charge you later… Ignore it. Others I know in the same situation have also heard no more from these guys when they simply ignored the two letters received. Our country is great isn’t it? I love that you can be a major company that everybody knows is ripping people off… yet still get away with it – and still have support from even those that have been burned once or twice, all because of apathy, brainwashing, brown is my favorite color.. gawd.

  • An over $50 dollar brokerage fee (taxes where extra) on a $300 dollar order – that’s a 17% charge – and for what? That is robbery. Can anyone find any example of any other non-organized crime outfit that skims that much – don’t forget, that’s on top of their shipping charge. They’ve got to be sued.

  • My girlfriend got charged $72 brokerage fees on a package worth $10 from the US shipped via our good friends at UPS. She didn’t even accept the package because she couldn’t imagine what she could’ve ordered that was worth so much money. We only found out in the past few days that it was $10 worth of used Atari games she bought on eBay. How does this company stay in business I wonder?

  • Same thing happened to me today. Ordered some coloring books and a backpack for my son from the US for $40. I received a notification letter by UPS stating that I needed to leave a cheque for $35.82 for brokerage fees. There is no way that I am paying that!!! I called the 1-800 on the card and the agent on the line said it was for duty, tax and brokerage fees. When I asked why wasn’t I notified about the charges ahead of time, she said that it is standard procedure to charge these fees. I said that the items are made in the US and that I should not have to pay duty. She said that UPS has to charge this first and that I would have to file a claim with the Government of Canada to get the duty refunded. What kind of horsesh*t is that? I told her that I want to refuse shipment and have the items returned to the sender so I could get a refund for them. She said that I would still have to pay for the fees and that an invoice would be sent to me. When I told here that I would not pay them, she said that UPS then would file the amount through a collections agency. I would like to see that happen. I would sue their as*es. UPS should be shut down for their unfair business practices. They are charging absolutely rediculous amounts of money just to put a couple of checkmarks on a customs clearance card. I would now refuse to buy anything shipped via UPS. USPS/Canada Post is definately the best way to go.

  • “I said that the items are made in the US and that I should not have to pay duty. She said that UPS has to charge this first and that I would have to file a claim with the Government of Canada to get the duty refunded.”

    They charge you for “duty, tax and brokerage”, lumping it all together like it’s all the same thing. They want you to think it’s all the government’s fault and there’s nothing they can do about it.

    And then she tells you that you can apply to the government for a refund of the duty. Now that is just plain deceptive, and she knows it.

    The government won’t refund a penny, because they didn’t charge you anything. As you said, the duty on these items would be zero. The entire charge here is brokerage, not duty. It’s going straight into UPS’ pocket.

  • I learned the UPS brokerage rip off lesson years ago while managing a photo lab. I had to order repair parts for a piece of equipment manufactured in Wisconsin. UPS essentially held us hostage for the fees- (equipment down time = lost revenues and cranky clients), so I couldn’t send them back. My boss ripped me a new one when he found out how much UPS charged!
    Since then, I’ve asked Ebay vendors to ship via USPS, and haven’t been screwed over. I also ship to a US address and have a relative drive things across for me.

  • I recently ordered some tires off ebay. Unfortunately UPS was the only way the seller would ship them. As I’ve heard so much about UPS’ stupid brokerage fees, I asked the driver if there were any extra fees that I would have to pay when he showed up at my door, and he assured me there wasn’t. Low and behold, I’ve now received a bill from UPS saying I owe $82.69! ($49.02 of this are brokerage charges). UPS is definitely not upfront about these and disguise them as customs related fees. I’m sure a lot of people dont bother to look into it based on that (as its already enough of a hassle to deal with the government) and just end up paying those fees not knowing its originating from UPS, whom was already paid in the first place! It’s interesting to see how many others have been duped by these manipulative practices, as numerous co-workers have also had bad experiences with UPS. Unfortunately the sellers in the South aren’t aware of UPS’ shady tactics up north, but it looks like word is getting out. Fromw now on, I will always be asking if sellers can ship through USPS or FedEx. @#%$ UPS!!

  • 52.23$ on brokerage fees on an 80$ package…What is going on here? That’s ridiculous. I’m gonna do some serious complaining.

  • Best thing to do is keep an eye out for UPS, and ask the seller to ship via USPS.

    I bought some stickers that were made in Texas (lot of 500), cost me $80, and the brokerage fee was $30. I bitched at the driver about NAFTA, and he didn’t even know what that was. Then he gave me the invoice, walked off, and by the time he got in his truck I looked at the invoice and it wasn’t even for my product!!! It was for some hat bought from San Jose, cleared by a broker in Calgary!!(I live in Vancouver).

    So I called up UPS, told them I was probably overcharged for my ‘fee’, and demanded a refund. They told me they’d send my invoice through the mail, and although I gave them my email addy to send it to, still haven’t gotten it either way.

    UPS is a pile of sh!t, and I’m up for a class-action suit.

  • Daniel T, who is the “FTC” ?


    Keep us informed on this website as to their response as they will not release any info to the public.

  • PS Ups official name and corporate address is:

    UPS Canada LTD
    6285 Northam Drive, Suite 400
    Mississauga , ON L4V 1X5

  • Everyone,

    I’ve bought many items on Ebay, and have learned the hard way, like some others that UPS is NOT the way to ship from the US. Same goes for Fedex.

    USPS (US post office) is the best way to ship from the US to Canada.
    Every shipping option results in no duty or brokerage. You pay GST, PST (if applicable, or whatever provincial tax as required), and a
    5.00 fee, which i think is the brokerage.

    HOWEVER, there is one exception that i encountered, and someone else
    posted the same thing in an earlier message here. If you use the EMS option, at the border, Purolator takes over, NOT Canada Post. They charge one of the fees: either duty or brokerage, i don’t remember which.

    So, use any USPS shipping option EXCEPT EMS when shipping an item from the US to Canada.

    UPS’ ridiculous fees will eventually catch up with them…..they will “reap what they sow”, or “what goes around comes around”….

    God bless you all,


  • I wish I came across this website earlier. I bought an item from the US on ebay, for which I paid US$50 + US$19 for shipping. Unfortunately, the seller used UPS to ship it, and put the value at US$100. UPS wants to charge me 62.50 in brokerage fees. I refused the item. They said I’d still have to pay. If returned to the seller, she would have to pay. Neither I nor the seller knew about these hidden fees or consented to them. Can anyone tell me how a company like that can still be in business? Anyone knows how to join the class-action suit launched by the BC guy? What can the small guy do to protect themselves from the repulsive business practices of this giant fraudster?

  • I too am not impressed at all with UPS. I have ordered products several times from a company in Australia. Up until now I only paid GST and duty. However, my last package had a wack of new charges and a laughable, unreasonable fee attached to it. My sister also orders from this same company …. and she did not have any extra fees. SO why are these fees so random. These fees are unfair on many levels. What is UPS doing… just deciding by the roll of the dice who gets extra charges and does not. This is discrimative and an unfair charge of unexplained fees.

  • I never got my item but i would be pissed if there’s a fee attached.. I hope UPS goes down in ashes..
    UPS, USA is by far the worst ever shiping company there ever existed. I ordered things online that had been shipped by US Postal Services, DHL etc. and they all NEVER gave me any problems before.
    UPS left and infonotice on a 1st attempt, so i called them to say that the next day i won’t be around so don’t attempt and i resheduled it to 2 days later. On the day of delivery, i found another infonotice that says it’s the final attempt. So i called a 2nd time and asked why is it a final attempt when it’s only a 2nd one.
    Lady named Wanda says, “Oh, because the package is in the truck, the driver would attempt anyway..”
    WTF???? SO what’s the bloody point of resheduling??
    AND the driver didn’t leave an infonotice.
    So Wanda says, “I’m sorry, maam do you want me to reschedule another shipping for tomorrow?”
    I said ok.
    The next day i made sure i’m at home & UPS send me an e-mail to say that the package is sent back to the shipper at MY request. I called for a 3rd time, make life hell for the 2 stupid women at the end of the line.
    If UPS is in drug trafficking, people would be cured by the time they deliver…
    These people are just full of lies and cheats… I’m asking all my vendors to change to other services than U-P-SUX-ASS. Another thing, they’re supposed to hold the package for 5 days, if 3 attempts to deliver are not sucessful, which they didn’t do.
    There should be a class action suit against UPS.

    ~reposted from

  • Just to let you know that there is a class action suit against UPS in Canada. I too have called UPS here in Canada and have spoken to the most educationally challenged people in my life. I usually have to hang up on them because they give me a headache. For what it is worth … I am currently filing formal complaints againts UPS and am adding my name to the lengthy law suit here in Canada…..

  • Just added my name to the law suit.
    Bought $42. us of merchandise and payed $25 us to ship it to me.
    Had to pay $41.94 COD when it come to the door.
    $29.55 plus $1.98 gst were brokerage fees.
    This is more like rape than being screwed!
    Hope UPS gets taken to the cleaners with this law suit.

  • Hard to believe UPS is still in business!! Anonymous, can you tell me how to proceed to add your name to the class-action law suit against UPS? Who do I contact? Where do I start?

  • received items ups today, cost was 79.15 USD, UPS charged me 29.55 plus tax for brokerage fees??, thats absolutely crazy, didnt hear a peep about their “surprise I just shoved it in your ass” charges when i payed the shipping fees. They obviously knew it was being shipped from the US to Canada when the shipping order was placed, so why wasnt that fee rolled into the shipping charges ahead of time so I could see it, because if it was they know nobody would pay it and ship some other way. UPS can rot in hell, I will NEVER ship with them again

  • Paid $21.50 US for a JVC TV remote plus $17 for shipping and handling. UPS comes to my door and wants $21 plus gst. So they want me to give them $24 for brokerage fees. Fuck that, the TV remote was worth $21.50 so I refused the package.

  • Aaarg. I got hosed too, and it’s my own damn fault. I KNEW UPS charged outrageous brokerage fees. I only deal with companies that ship USPS.

    But I clicked the wrong fraggin’ button, and by the time I realized my mistake (the next day) that package was already picked up. Damn the excellent customer service at Dharma Trading (NAYY)

    And I couldn’t refuse it, because it was a non-returnable item (cut fabric)

    $48 brokerage, plus duty I wouldn’t have paid via Canada Post (some of the goods made in China and India).

    Total bill for taxes, duty and brokerage? $72.06 – for a package that was less than $100 USD before the $20+ I paid for shipping.


  • What I don’t understand is why anyone uses UPS at all. They’re no faster or more reliable than the post office.

    What’s the point of a courier if it takes as long as snail mail?

  • I bought a nework card for 20.65$ canadian from a US merchand, was unfortunately shipped via UPS for 11 $ US. At my Door UPS charged me an extra 22,45$ for brokerage fees. UPS is a criminal compagny.

  • God damned UPS and their money-grabbing ways! The delivery guy shows up at my place with the package in one hand and demanding $81 with the other! No way in hell am I gonna pay a cent extra when I’ve already paid everything that I had to pay!

  • brokerage is a completely different service you are paying for..your shipper has the option to send it a service where you don’t have to pay any of these charges. maybe you should lay blame on the cheap ass ppl your buying from:) you CAN sue all you want but don’t expect to get anything…have fun wasting your time:) oh and by the way…UPS has been in business for 100 years…so apparently they are doing something wrong…and the REASON the postal service only charges you 5 dollars is because they are the government…duh…the reason why fed ex and UPS and DHL are having to pay these prices to have packages to clear is because of the government…you gonna sue them too? lol

  • I meant doing something right…thats why they have 100 years under there belt..i don’t work for UPS but I have a VERY large company and I ship with them all the time..they are a company with great employees that are top notch and have always been willing to help.

  • Got hosed by UPS also. Left a complaint at the Competition Bureau, through the link provided above. Also added my name to the law suit. I would advise everybody here to at least lodge a complaint!

  • Just out of curiosity, I’ve got an outstanding bill with Fed Ex for about $60, and another one with UPS for about $50, both for their so-called brokerage services. They left their packages on my doorstep, without collecting at the times of delivery. This was two separate purchases from the U.S. a month or two ago.

    Now they’re sending me letters demanding payment, which I fully intend to ignore. Have they got any real way of collecting from me? Or can I laugh in their faces?

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  • When using UPS to ship FROM Canada TO the US, the US recipient does not have to pay brokerage fees unless it’s over $200. WHY is that? How come only Canadians are getting ripped off like this? May be guns are good for something afterall…….

    By the way, I found out about all of this brokerage fee nonsense after I had already became a UPS rape victim as well. $57 brokerage for an item declared as $108, with an additional $21 already paid in postage. Urgh.

  • I think that the Canadian government is also at fault for not looking out for its citizens.

  • No one likes brokerage fees if you get shipments from the USA for example if possible have it shipped express or express saver and avoid the brokerage or expedited. I hate collecting brokerage most of the time I have had people yell at me and flip out. But when people don t complain I ask them if they are really saving anything despite the brokerage and have been relieved when people say yes. When I collect brokerage I also give people the option that they can also refuse the package and it gets sent back the next day. I don t believe UPS persues any collections on a package refused in our hand held computer you just select refused package and thats it. In a perfect world there would be no brokerage from UPS or Fed X but we are not subsidized by the government of Canada like the post office is regarding brokerage fees. Some fees I collect is only GST which is minimal. As a UPS driver I wish our brokerage fees were covered by the government but unfortunatley they are not.

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