Month: August 2007

  • Scary-ass dogs

    A couple really scary dogs… This guy reminds me of Rawhead Rex… And check out this monster… how’d you like to meet this thing in a dark alley? You’d think it was Photoshopped, but apparently it’s actually a genetic defect. And she’s really very sweet.

  • Old memories, trapped in 126 film cartridges

    When I was a child, maybe around 12 years old, I had a cheap Kodak X-15F camera (why do I remember the model number?) that used those 126 film cartridges that were popular at the time. I could afford to buy the film with the money I earned from my paper route, but I could […]

  • PA11-NIS iPod interface in my G35

    I have a Monster iCarPlay Wireless 200 FM transmitter that I was using to play my iPod in my car. It is a pretty cleverly designed thing, tunable to any frequency. So you don’t have to try to find eight preset frequencies and hope they’ll cover everywhere you ever want to go. As far as […]