Category: Funny

  • Wheat decadent bone multi-layer

    Here’s a really long bit of insane Engrish from a box of Chinese candies. Just try to understand this, I defy you. Wuxue city (old name Guangji county) the Guangji crunchy candy, origins from the Ming Dynasty wanlinian, because hands down a loyal son the mother to dye cold illness, by fries ripely the sesame […]

  • Large Hadron Collider

    The world’s most powerful particle-accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, is scheduled to be switched on for the first time tomorrow. There are assorted kooks who believe that the LHC will destroy the world in one or more of the following ways: Create a microscopic black hole which will devour the Earth. Trigger the hypothetical vacuum […]

  • My crazy Chinese inlaws

    My inlaws have been staying with us for quite a long time now, helping us while we take care of our new baby. They’re really great, and I’m glad to have them here. But sometimes they do things that are just so bizarre to me.

  • The world’s most complicated and dangerous soft drink

        Found this crazy drink at a T&T Asian grocery store in Toronto: Ramune Drink, from Shirakiku. Lychee flavour. It must be the most complicated and dangerous soft-drink in the world. Check out the instructions for opening the bottle: How to open: Remove the seal from the top. Detach the plunger from the center […]

  • Scary-ass dogs

    A couple really scary dogs… This guy reminds me of Rawhead Rex… And check out this monster… how’d you like to meet this thing in a dark alley? You’d think it was Photoshopped, but apparently it’s actually a genetic defect. And she’s really very sweet.