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  • Failed power supply on Mackie Control Universal

    The external power supply on my Mackie Control Universal failed. No power. All the forums say ordering replacements from Mackie is over-priced and very slow. But it’s just a generic 7.5V 4A regulated switching supply. I ordered this part from Jameco Electronics, and received it shortly after. Jameco Part #206528 Meanwell P40A-11P2JU-R US$32.95 The connector […]

  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    Sabrina and I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Toronto last week. We saw them last year too, and enjoyed it quite alot. The same again this year. Trans-Siberian Orchestra, for those who haven’t heard of them, does a bunch of classical music, Christmas songs, and original instrumentals driven by weedely-deedely electric guitar. You […]

  • Christmas came early!

    The last of the parts for my new studio PC finally arrived today.  I received a big box of almost all the parts within a couple days of placing my order with NCIX.  But the just-released Seasonic M12 power-supply was back-ordered. But now, at last, all the parts are in my hands.  Tonight… we build!

  • New studio computer coming

    With the recent rearrangement of computer roles in my place, I’ve been left without a dedicated studio workstation. I made an attempt at running my home photo gallery on my old home office P2, but that was a failure. The computer was just too slow to handle Apache, MySQL, PHP and Gallery2 with a reasonably […]

  • I am cursed

    God, I am so pissed off. Why am I cursed in this way? Why is it that I can never, ever, get to see a Roger Waters concert? He only tours like once every decade. And every single time, I’m always the last to know about it. Usually I only hear about it long after […]