A good auto-body shop in Kitchener-Waterloo

I recently had some body work done on my Infiniti G35.  Why?  I’d rather not talk about it…

Anyway, I got quotes from a few different body shops around town.  Most were crazy expensive.  But one quote stood out from the others.  It was from Towne Collision, in Kitchener.  It’s a small shop, mostly just one guy, named Sieg.  His quote was very, very reasonable.  And he seemed like a great guy.  So, I went with him.

His operation is pretty old-school.  The tiny little office is lined with pictures of Sieg in the shop, from like 1978.  He’s still wearing the same baseball cap.  No computers in the place, he does everything with big books and a telephone.

Just want to say, his work was flawless, and done right on time.  Being a one-man shop, I had to wait a while before he could start the job, but when he started, he was done when he said he would be done.  The paint match was perfect, no sign that there was ever any damage.

I’m always frustrated when I have to choose somebody for work like this, on a car or house or whatever, by the lack of independent opinions to be found.  So, I’m putting this one out there on the inter-tubes: you can do a lot worse than Towne Collision for auto-body work.  Good work, and priced right.

    Update June 16, 2015:

I have disabled comments on this post. I wrote this post about Towne Collision, but the comments have been dominated by reviews of Rowa Collision, mostly positive, a few negative. I’ve never been to Rowa, so I have no opinion on it.

    Update Jan 13, 2017:

I took my truck’s tailgate to Towne Collision to fix up a dent that was starting to rust. When I went to pick it up, I was sad to hear that Sieg has passed away. He was working right up to the last. The business is closed now.

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  • A few years back, I had a guy do some work on my old Cutlass Ciera. Fortunately in my case the “why” was “not my fault.” (Not sayin’ yours was… just sayin’ mine wasn’t. 😉 ) Anyway, “Hong” was a similar story… but I was a bit worried when he wanted me to pay in cash for that “special discounted price.” I was always worried that if anything happened I wouldn’t be able to prove that I’d paid for the work. In the end it was fine… but I was always a bit nervous. Mind you, keep an eye on the repair… it’s never the same as the original metal/finish off the assembly line. After a few years it was ready to be repaired again. (But fortunately I was done with the car by then.)

  • Hi
    can someone give me Sieg’s shop address?


  • Google is your friend…

    Towne Collision
    244 Mill Street
    Kitchener, ON
    (519) 744-6063

  • I have a friend who runs a body shop. I think you did a great job finding the person you did.

    In the USA, the insurance industry is gradually squeezing the body shop industry to the point that it’s almost impossible for them to make money.

    I think they’re trying to model it after what happened in the health insurance industry and managed healthcare.

  • to the first blog sieg is only the boss there is another person in the shop who does the body work i dont kno his name tho i had a car done by them awhile back and am happy to see other people have possitive reviews about them aswell

  • Denis J Maltais

    I am very interested in the auto body industry reasons are expanding my Knowledge in this trade is endless, im always learning new things every minute that i am working on a vehicle there is endless learning. Vehicles are a complicated piece of machinery and i enjoy problem solving and working through those problems to complete the job properly. Looking at a vehicle after i’ve finished inspires me, i pay close attention to detail and to be efficient, Working in the auto body industry and receiving my auto body license is what i want to achieve, every vehicle i complete excites me to work on the next project. I have worked in a production body shop for over a year the work is very demanding and persistent i understand how this business works and what is needed to keep a business running, i want to meet the customers expectations and satisfaction and keep the customers coming. I would be very proud to represent and work for a professionally well managed auto body shop.
    Denis J Maltais
    357 Hoffman unit 402
    Kitchener, Ont
    N2M 3N5
    (519) 741-1321
    Email: farbeyond4110@hotmail.com

    Objective: To obtain full time employment while being given new challenges to expand my knowledge and existing skills.

    Qualifications: I am very reliable, honest I am a quick learner and a very hard worker. I work well under pressure and determined to meet deadlines if needed. I have a class G license and work well alone or in a team environment. I am flexible and enjoy new challenges.

    Education: (1996 – 2000) Saint Davids catholic secondary Located in Waterloo Courses: Computer, transportation, construction
    Co-operative education program/auto body and collision center (BAC Auto body)
    Secondary high school diploma.
    Currently an apprentice for auto body collision and repairer

    Work Experience:
    (2008 4 months) Wilson Project Management LTD

    Construction laborer: Extreme heavy lifting ( shoveling heavy rock and cementing). Clean up site, miscellaneous jobs, measuring, operating heavy machinery , scaffolding ect.

    (2007- 2008) Koebles Car Star Collision Center

    Auto body Technician Apprenticeship: Front end to rear end R&I, welding, rust work, Painting, prepping, body filler shaping, bumper repairs, tare downs and estimates, detailing, customer delivery’s, recording incoming material, measuring, handling chemicals, customer assistance, efficiency is an asset

    (2006 – 2008) Eiwo Canadian Management LTD

    Superintendent: Management for two buildings 44 units, collecting the rent for those units. Parking lot bylaw, landscaping, renovating for customer satisfaction, responsible for all maintenance.

    (2002 – 2007) Resurfice Corp LTD

    Laborer: Body work, prepping, line work, operating forklifts, operated over head bridge crane, handling chemicals, repetitive production, painting, welding, custom designs.

    References available upon request

    • Dear Customers,
      PLEASE read all revievs on ROWA AUTO COLLISION REPAIR and NOTE I have relocated my business from 24 Forwell Rd. Kitchener To:
      29 GRAND AVE,
      N2K 1B2

      same phone 519 574 1968



  • If you looking for body shop to repair and paint you car with amazing prices try Rowa Auto Collision Repair @ 24 Forwell Rd in Kitchener.Ask for Robert, he will take care of your car and you will save with his rates compare to other shops.
    They repair my 2007 Honda Accord for half price than dealer or BiG Body shops around K-W, Cambridge.

  • After reading this blog post I visited Robert at Rowa and within 15 minutes of speaking with him, knew I could trust him. As a woman I’m always leery of mechanics trying to up-sell, but Robert did the exact opposite! He gave me a few options; gave me his suggestion, and an unbelievable price quote that was hundreds less than I’d anticipated. All this with a 2 day turnaround for the work!

    After being pleased with the quote for my bumper I enquired about the cost to replace my windshield & thought why not ask about new tires too. Robert got me both-the windshield for far less than I would have paid at an auto glass repair (this is my second windshield in 2 years…cottage driving kills!), and new tires for my XTerra-that I’d already priced at $800+ installation & balancing-for less than the cost of the tires alone at other shops!

    Robert is a down-to-earth businessman who actually “walks the talk”: customer service IS important to him and he genuinely cares about satisfying his customer.

    I’ve already sang his praises at work & will continue to mention him to anyone who needs any auto body work done. From a simple bumper fix to a serious collision repair, Robert is someone you can leave your “baby” with & feel confident that the work will be done & your car will look like new again!

    Thanks SO much for writing this post!! (I mentioned it to Robert & he appreciated your post too!). Mary

  • !!! WoW !!!
    Leon & Mary, I don’t know what to say here, after reading this blog and comments you wrote just wanna smile 🙂 & say
    !!! Thank You !!!

    • LOL!!
      moron makes fake posts and then acknowledges them..
      AMAZING… the lengths people will go to do fake advertising and fake reviews… GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE? LOL!!!
      this fat moron tells people to *UC1K OFF if they come back because bodywork is such shit after they pay cash

  • I just wanted to add, that after reading this blog post and the comments, I looked in to (among several others) Towne and Rowa.

    A little background: I damaged a car that I bought within 20 minutes of owning it. Embarassing? Hell yes. Upsetting? Very much so.

    Robert was the ONLY person out of all the ones that I spoke to who DID NOT tell me how “bad” the damage was. He reassured me that it was no big deal for him to repair like new. Everyone else from everywhere else went on and on about how it was a big deal.

    On top of this, most other shops didn’t want to start working on it for several days, even though they were talking about how slow business is all around town. One wanted me to go to his friends shop, get a quote from him, and then come back so he could beat it. I did not enjoy any of my dealings prior to Robert.

    As Robert looked over the damage, I could see him fixing it in his head. The other people, I saw them adding numbers up in their head. His focus was on me, the customer, and the resolution to my dilemma. Everyone else was focused on the business part of it.

    Robert took the vehicle the same day after I ran some errands, and he gave me a lift home! He understood that I was in a rush. The vehicle went in on Thursday night and was done by Monday. Every other shop was telling me “maybe by next weekend” and were very upfront about when they don’t work. Robert, on the other hand, was very clear about doing whatever he hd to.

    On top of all this, his price was over 20% lower than everywhere else.

    Last but not least: The work was amazing! It’s in better condition than when I drove it off the used car lot.

    I would highly reccomend that everyone who needs work done visit Robert.

  • I suppose contact information would help:

    Toll Free – 877 699 0677
    Robert – 519 574 1968
    Email: service@rowaautocollisionrepair.com

    24 FORWELL RD Unit #5
    Kitchener, ON N2B 3E8

  • I too visited Rowa after reading this blog and doing research for reviews, so I took my car in (back quarter panel damage from a parking lot hit and run). Robert gave a quote lower than the larger, high overhead shops, and I felt comfortable with him as a person. So, after a minor glitch that was fixed without cost above the quote, I am happy with the result, and recommend Rowa Auto Collision.

  • Rowa Auto Collision Repair

    Thank you all for good comments about my Auto Body Shop.
    Rowa Auto Collision Repair in Kitchener

  • After a front bumper replacement, I would go to Rowa for all the works. Rob is such an awesome guy, the repair went excellent and I would recommend him to all my friends. You can tell he really cares about the customer and will go the extra mile to get everything perfect. Just look around and you will find his price the lowest and service the best.

  • wow so many nice things im hearing ..well robert you got yourself a future customer ill be stopping by soon for a price on a paint job for my Audi

  • Well, I was orginally pointed to Robert’s shop by all these glowing reviews of his work. And I can honestly say I was not dissappointed. I found Robert to be extremely friendly, taking great pride in his work. I recently had my motorycle re-sprayed a custom diamond white and black, all of which where carefully selected along with a diamond pearlesent fleck, (nice touch Robert). His price was more than reasonable and he really went the extra mile, polishing the bolts, spraying the rims and even working with the local motorycle shop to source components. So to everyone reading these reviews, bear in mind Robert can do more than just body repairs and cars.

    Thanks once again Robert.
    I will pop around and show you the assembled bike as soon as the weather picks up……

  • When you meet Robert you will find a very sincere and caring person when it comes to doing work on your vehicle.
    He is a jack of all trades and his workmanship is A-1.
    I recently took a very rusted 2000 Cavalier Z24 to be fixed up and it came back looking like a brand new vehicle!!! The price was at least half of what other auto body shops would have charged me and the guys at Houghton Oil Spray (where I took my car to get sprayed right away like Robert said to do)were totally amazed at the paint job as well as the price! They told me I got an excellent deal and were quite interested in meeting Robert.
    So I highly recommend Rowa Auto Collision and if I ever need a car to be “remodelled” again I will be back to see Robert!

  • Robert did an excellent job on fixing my Toyota RAV 4 (2007 model, black)! After a minor collision, I had to replace my front bumper as well as the headlight on the driver’s side. The fender on the driver’s side was also dented in which shifted the hood over. I brought the car in on a Friday and had it back by Monday. Robert even offered to drive me to school on Monday! I was really impressed with all the work that was done and you could definitely tell that a lot of care was taken in the repair and maintenance of the vehicle. Robert was also very thorough in his explanations.

    After going around to get a few quotes from other auto body shops, Robert’s quote was by far the most reasonable (especially for a student!). I also had a few scratches on the side that ran the length of the car and was discouraged to get it repainted, but Robert said he could buff it out instead-a much cheaper alternative and not one that other auto body shops will tell you about- and now it looks as if nothing has touched it!

    I highly recommend Rowa Auto Collision Repair and have told all my friends and family about it. Prompt and high quality service, great customer service, and all very reasonably priced.

  • Robert at ROWA. It was a pleasure dealing with you. You did an amazing job on my 11 year old car, it looks great again. Much appreciated was also the fact that, you deliver what you promise at a reasonable price.

  • Robert at ROWA was a total life saver. I just got into my first big accident and I was a complete wreck. Robert came to my office, picked me up, did an estimate for free, drove me around and then did an amazing job on the car. Customer service at its best.

    The prices cannot be beat and the service is fantastic. Robert allowed us to get the car back very quickly as well. If you need to get your car taken care of in the Waterloo area, the choice is easy; take it to Robert.

  • ROWA is where you will find second to none customer service, results, and price.

    Thank you Robert for the work that you did on my TL 🙂

  • THIS MAN SAVED MY LIFE! not only was the quote great but he really did take care of me during my whole ordeal. He really puts customer service over everything and his work is simply amazing. There is no difference than the work done by those huge expensive autoshops. Being a waterloo student i am short on cash and he was very understanding.

    Take my word and everyone else he has helped. Try ROBERT OUT and see what the craze is!


    I have not had many dealings with the auto repair shops in the past; however, the ones I had were not very pleasant. The higher end dealers would charge unreasonably high prices and the smaller workshops would do an unreliable job … but Rowa Auto Collision is different. I found Robert (owner of Rowa Auto Collision) to be an exceptionally honest and hardworking person. He not only provided excellent customer service and timely delivery but also quoted a very reasonable price for work on my 2009 RAV4. The quality of work done on the car was excellent; he was able to fully restore the rear bumper with three cracks in it. I could not tell the difference afterwards.

    I highly recommend Rowa Auto Collision for all your vehicle maintenance needs. I will definitely be returning to this workshop for all future work.

  • I love everyone and everything in the autobody business! Thanks to all of you for making a difference in my life!

  • billys new friend

    thanks for that positive input billy. i love that you love the autobody business and I feel warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks for being you billy. It changed the way I think about autobody and other human beings.

  • Rowa Auto Collision Repair very good job on my car 🙂

  • Rowa Auto Collision provided very fast, effective and affordable service. Robert is a pleasure to deal with. Look no further.


  • autobody lover

    I almost want to get into an accident now so I to can have the pleasure and life changing effect aotobody works seems to have

  • Robert is a good man and does decent work. However, stick to body work here and not mechanical repairs.

  • After reading this blog, I am on my way to visit Robert Rowa Auto Collision. I have high expectations (specially on the pricing part) and will comment when hopefully they materialize.

  • How is Rowa with car repairs?

      As I mentioned in my review, my entire front suspension was snapped in half. Regardless, he was able to fix it and he made sure I come by after the repairs for a follow up to be sure that everything was running smoothly. If things don’t workout for you, let him know !! He does not let anyone leave unhappy

    • most horrible work and extremely dishonest owner.

  • Just wondering how Rowa Auto collision repair or Towne Collision is on price for car repairs? Such as brakes…etc?

  • Dear Customers,
    PLEASE read all revievs on ROWA AUTO COLLISION REPAIR and NOTE I have relocated my business from 24 Forwell Rd. Kitchener To:
    29 GRAND AVE,
    N2K 1B2

    same phone 519 574 1968


  • I’ve been meaning to post on here for a while. This fall the paint on our black mustang got scratched up extensively. They were not deep scratches, but light scratches you could see all over. (I won’t say how they happened!)

    I read the reviews here and went to see Robert at ROWA, and got them to take care of the problem. Wow – did they ever. The car looked as good as new once they were done, and Robert is a fantastic guy to deal with. I highly, highly recommend ROWA.

  • This review is for ROBERT, from ROWA auto body collision repair.

    As a female, who doesn’t take much interest in cars, and knows little about them, it is very easy for one to take advantage of me when it comes to charging for repair.

    I purchased a new car, and embarrassingly enough, not even after a week of owning it, I drove up a curb on campus, destroying the entire front axel of my car. Entire suspension as well as some body damage to my fender. The damage did not look bad, however, I knew that any damage was bad damage.

    I took my vehicle into the NISSAN dealership on NORTHFIELD drive, where they diagnosed the issues with my car. Not only did they completely overpriced their quote, but they also didn’t offer an alternative suggestion.

    My quote was over $4,500 in damages…

    I was ready to pay them, however, I figured I’d do my own research and make my own quote based on the diagnoses. I landed on this review site.. and I found: ROBERT from ROWA AUTOBODY COLLISION REPAIR…

    I experienced quality customer service and an absolutely astonishing price. He did all the work, parts and labour included + body work for under $2000..

    Robert is a wonderful individual who helps his customers understand what is wrong with the vehicle, he takes the time to explain what needs to be done and how much it will cost. He completed the work in 3 DAYS!!!!!! The dealership wanted to keep my car for a week (which means $$$$$$ for rental car)

    Robert took me places I had to go on the day I dropped off my rental and to pick my own vehicle up. He is an incredibly knowledgeable individual who cares about his work, and his customers.

    Robert has an excellent mechanic, an autobody repair guy and himself in his awesome, garage which I hope he will expand. I am reposting this review on every social media network out there, because the time, care, precision that was put into fixing my car (for an OVERLY good price) deserves to be acknowledged and known to women, and people, who are being ROBBED by dealerships and other’s who are only in it for the money.



    • Good thing you didn’t leave it with Nissan on northfield!! They have a handshake agreement to send all collision work to a conglomerate shop based out of Guelph!!

  • good service

  • ROWA auto body collision repair with good service
    thanks robert

  • I have come to rely on Robert for reliable and very reasonable body work. This is the second time he has saved me a bundle. First, my US Mercedes dealer wouldn’t touch the rust that had developed on the bottom door panels of my 2002 C-320 and another repair shop wanted $2,000 per door, plus the trunk lid to replace with new panels. Robert and his able assistant tackled the job, did a superb re-plating for one-fifth the cost.

    Secondly, when my driver’s side mirror was damaged, Robert worked to find the parts in a salvage shop and together, with another part from the dealer, saved me more than $500. And he replaced the mirror parts while I waited this morning! What a deal and what a wonderful body shop. We are lucky to have this kind of service in the city.

    Thanks, Robert. You and yours are a Godsend!

  • Rowa Auto Collision Repair

    Mr. Benner, Jeff, Sofia and all of you Thank You for the trust!!! It makes me very Happy If You are Happy.

  • I had the rust fixed and the roof painted on my Toyota Corolla at ROWA AUTO COLLISION REPAIR back in 2010 (or maybe it was 2009). The rust has not reappeared and the roof still looks like new.

  • Back in 2011 I hit a deer and read the reviews online, and decided to go ahead and give Robert a shot at ROWA Auto Collision Repair. He replaced the entire fender, replaced/fixed headlights, fixed bumper, and repainted to match exactly to the car (2008 Jeep Patriot) for $1,000 flat. The price was 30% or more less than the other quotes I’ve gotten. He got it done in two-three days time and even offered to drop me off if I needed a ride.

    Genuine guy – if he tells you he’s going to do it for a certain price, you bet that’s what he’s going to do. Car looked perfect afterwards. I live in Toronto now and scraped my new car within a month of getting it and thinking about heading back up to Kitchener for him.

  • Extremely good service by the mechanic his name was mike. Fixed my issue but it ended up returning , so he came to my house after I called him on the same day to look at it again . Great customer service really went out of his way to genuinely help

  • Robert & Team @ Rowa Auto Collision — You Guys rock. You literally made the rusting dent in my honda civic vanish – as if it wasn’t there at all. On top of that you almost did detailing on my car with no extra cost, took care of all the minor scratches and finally the humbleness and honesty in your dealing, made me a lifelong customer. Anybody who needs a honest, cost effective but best quality service on body work should meet Robert/Rowa. Don’t get any doubts in ur mind based on the location of his garage. I can bet you won’t get anybody better than this. He is a GodSend :). Keep up this work Robert. Happy to know that genuinity is still there.

  • It’s good to know that “good and honest” people still exist in this world! And aren’t out to rip people off and take their money!!

    Cheers for that Robert!

    Mary Ann

  • ROWA is the best!

    Honestly, stop researching other repair shops and just take your car in to Robert at ROWA. His quote will be less than anyone else in town, and his work is flawless. He is an honest man that does great work at a fair price.

    100% recommended. I took my Acura there and it looks brand new.

    Thanks Robert!

  • Our 2012 Subaru wrestled with a fire hydrant and lost. Some moderate damage to the left rear bumper and quarter panel was the result. After taking it to three body shops for quotes I did an on line search for body shop reviews. The reviews I read about Robert at ROWA on Grand Ave, in Bridgeport took me there. I was met with professionalism the minute I walked through the door. The office/reception area is clean, bright and comfortably furnished. Robert viewed the damage, explained how it would be repaired and provided a quote that was less than the others I had received. Due the extent of the damage I elected to go through insurance rather than pay out of pocket for the repair. Even though insurance companies tell you they have their ‘preferred body shops’ for you to go to, DO NOT let this sway you from making the right decision. ROWA is the only decision you have to make.
    Robert provided me the use of his own vehicle for the day that the adjuster attended his place to view the car. Our car was done when Robert said it would done. He came to my home and brought me in to pick up the finished product. The job was perfect, in fact, he buffed out some unrelated scuffs on the car. We had bought this car new in 2012 and it wasn’t as nicely detailed as when I picked it up when ROWA was done with it. Robert knows how to treat people, run a professional business and stand behind his word. He should do speaking engagements at companies and businesses large and small on what customer service is all about. This man gets it.
    If you need body work done, ROWA is the only place to go. Thanks Robert.

  • It has been at least couple months since I visited Robert at Rowa auto body. The reasons I did not share my experience with the readers are if someone is stupid enough to simply read some self created reviews and does thousands of dollars of business with Rowa collision, deserves to be screwed. Secondly, I believe very strongly that whatever good or bad one does, God will reward or punish you for it.
    My wife and I have been driving for almost 30 years and never had an accident. My son has been driving for 5 years and is a very good driver. One day, on his way from UW he got into an accident. A girl while texting, came out of the parking lot, crossed the road and drove into him. I got couple of estimate but insurance company wanted to write it off. It has only about 130000 KM and it is my winter 4×4 pathfinder for country driving. I decided to have it fixed instead and that’s how I got screwed by Robert at Rowa auto body. I considered it an expensive lesson, decided to learn from it and not write a review about it. But lately, I think Karma is catching up to me . About a month ago, another young man backed into my son’s brand new parked SUV and offered to pay for the damages. A couple days ago a person driving beside me suddenly decided to move into my lane, had I not swirl my car into the incoming traffic lane, he would have damage whole side of my car. I think all these are signs to me that I am holding the info. what could help a lot of people into making more informed decision when they decide to have their vehicle repaired. Now that is the reason I decided to share my experience with everyone.
    I wanted to take it to one of the well reputed shop in town where I had estimates from. While browsing on the internet, I searched “good body shops in KW” and unfortunately ended up reading these reviews and decided to take the vehicle there for repairs. Robert took some pictures of the damage and told me that he has to price the parts and then he can give me an estimate. He was clicking on all kind of parts web sites and telling me that he is doing everything to find me best price to repair my SUV cheapest possible. He finally gave me an estimate, couple hundred less than my other estimates. Once I got home I noticed his prices for the parts were 2 to 3 times as much of other estimates. I work on my vehicles time to time and order parts from “Rock auto”. I decided to check prices with them for the parts. They were about 10% less than my other quotes. I called Robert and asked him if he can order parts from “Rock auto” as he told me earlier that he is doing everything to get me best prices. He told me that he has no problem with it and I can order the parts myself. I ordered the parts and he had them next day and I dropped off my truck for him to work on it.
    After a few days, one evening I got a call from Robert that my vehicle is ready and I can come and pick it up and by the way price went up 250 dollars.. Now when I think about it, I think he wanted me to pick up my truck in the evening so that I wouldn’t noticed the kind of horrible work he did. I went next day to pick up my truck and could not believe how bad it looked. He charged me 16 hours of labour just to paint the hood and fender. The hood is barely 4×4 and fender may be a foot at one end and two and half feet at the other end and 3 feet long. It looked like somebody had painted it at home with a can of paint. The one end of the headlight was an inch deep inside under the hood pointing the light from it to the side of the road. The side marker signal is half inch higher than the headlight. There is at least an inch of space between the bumper and fender. The chrome bumper ends he installed has about half inch height difference from one end to other. There is a stripe on the side of the truck reading “Pathfinder” and it was missing. He knew the kind of work he did and he was very rude and defensive from the moment I walked in his shop. I mentioned that stripe is missing on the fender he replaced. He tells me that do I look like a dealership to you, if you want a stripe go to a dealership. I asked him that I gave you my vehicle to fix on the basis of the quote and why are you asking for 250 dollars more. He tells me that it took him over 10 hours to open 6 bolts on my bumper because they were rusted and he is only charging me 5 hours of labour. I asked him why did not you just sand them off. He tells me that do you know how long it will take to sand these bolts. I told him, let me show you it will take me less than a minute to sand off each bolt. Then his story changed that he was trying to save me money because it could cost up to 5 dollars each bolt. I asked him that on one side you are telling me that you are trying to save me money by not sanding off maximum $30 worth of bolts and on the other side you are asking me for $250 now. Then he says just give me the money because when I order parts for people I make profit but I could not make any money from you.
    It was then I realize that he really has no class and will say or do anything to make few extra bucks and decided to pay him his asking price. I think he has been doing this to others and getting away with it so far. A lot of people do not realize that just because they do not see a big ding in their car, it does not mean it is fixed, in his case it is bandaged and all the damage is still there. Let me explain you what I mean by it.
    My insurance company required safety inspection of the damage repaired for me to have the truck insured with them again. I took my pathfinder to the dealership for the safety inspection. I explain the technician that this truck was in a collision and I need a safety certificate. He looked at the truck and said “look man do not be offended but you cannot fix your vehicle in your driveway and think it is going to pass safety inspection”. I showed him the bill from Rowa for the repairs and he said you are freaking kidding me that you paid someone to do this to your truck. He started to inspect the repairs and showed me that side marker signal Robert installed was just hanging from the top and not attached to anything. He lifted the side signal with his finger and showed me that all the damage was still there covered by fender and side signal and rusting. Robert could not assemble the side marker light and it was dangling from the top because everything was crumpled behind it and he had nowhere to attach it. Robert told me that he installed a harness behind the side marker light and did not charge me for it. The technician showed me that there was no harness, instead Robert stole the old bulb having ripped wire during the accident from the broken light and taped it to the new side signal. The technician said that it is a fire hazard because signal is not attached to anything and sealed. Any splash of water, rain or otherwise will get on to the wires and cause a fire thus cannot pass a safety certification.
    The other 2 estimates I had were identical, replacing or repairing 27 specific items, rebuilding all the damage from inside out. They were charging me 9.8 and 9.7 hours of labour respectively for all the work. Robert charged me 27 hours of labour and did no repairs anything and replaced only 8 items. He charged me $800.00 just to paint the hood and fender while painting the hood was never even authorized.
    Let me give you a look at what he was charging me for parts.
    Robert’s parts prices. Rock auto prices
    Front bumper extension = $156.55 $36.01
    Left headlight = $221.00 $97.52
    Signal light =$65.67 $41.50
    Fender =$219.95 $111.80
    Chrome bumper ends = $66.98 each $17.59 each
    Front bumper grill filler = $65.86 $14.07
    Rear bumper chrome end =$106.00 $56.25
    Am I saying, do not take your vehicle to Robert at Rowa auto collision, not at all. I wanted to share my experience with the readers and here it is. In my view, there is no way any of the reviews are genuine or true because even a blind person can feel everything dangling and out of place.
    Now if you are looking for an excellent collision centre, I will share one with you. As I mentioned earlier, a young man backed into my son and offered to pay for repairs. We got couple estimates and they were between $1950 and $2000. He said that he is just a student and does not have that kind of money. He asked that if we will be willing to get an estimate from a body shop in Markham where his family once had work done. He said this gentleman fixed their car for really reasonable price and did very good job. All I cared was to have my SUV fixed if it cost him less there, I was with him. I got an estimate from collision centre of his choice. The owner of the body shop is a very pleasant person named John. He quoted me $800.00 to fix my truck. I warned him that I am very perfectionist and I want my truck to look like it was before the accident. He assured me that nobody will be able to tell that your vehicle was ever in a collision. I went back next weekend as he opens on Saturdays as well to pick up my truck. I did not have very high hopes because first of all once something gets damaged, it never looks same again. Secondly, I was burnt real bad by Robert at Rowa auto and remembered all of his BS stories that he worked on the most expensive cars and does amazing work. I went up to my truck and could not believe my eyes. It looked like it just came off the assembly line. The work he did was out of this world. I really put his work under the microscope and you better believe it. The paint this SUV has is Bison brown with sparkles in it. I was certain that he will not be able to match it with rest of the truck. All the part he assembled look unreal. there isn’t a pinhole of difference between both sides. Everything is aligned to the perfection. He warranties his work for the life of the car in writing. He did this kind of work for 60% less than other estimates. If I knew that someone will do the kind of work he did and will charge me 50% more than others, I will still be very happy to pay him.
    The Name of the collision centre is “New tech auto” collision center . The name of the owner is John Ye. The address is 14 Laidlaw blvd. Markham. The phone # is 905-554-8181.

  • I usually don’t write too many reviews unless I’m impressed by the service more than once.
    Roberts did 2 jobs for us within few months,both times he didn’t disappoint, he did a good job and the charges were very reasonable.

  • My experience with Robert was great under the circumstances. He was empathetic to my situation as someone backed into my Red Toyota Corolla in a parking lot and drove off. Robert worked with me to find the best solution within my budget, and paid keen attention to detail. In addition, he attempted to address all my concerns to the best of his ability. I genuinely felt Robert strives to provide his customers with the best experience possible within their respective budgets. I would return to Robert if I ever needed any other services and would recommend him based on my experience.

  • Robert ended up fixing my miata which had slight rocker panel rust.

    his quote was a bit more money then a couple other shops in the area, but with the reviews I felt confident in going to him.

    when the car was finished I was not happy at all with the end result, he did end up taking the car back and redoing it, but also took alot of time. I guess he was busy.

    to this day I’m still not exactly 100% happy with how the car turned out, the one rocker some how feels a bit soft, and the job just looks to be a cover up for the most part, so far its holding up, but if and when it begins to rust again which he assured me it won’t, I will make a very big deal about it

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