KeypadLinc button label template

For the KeypadLinc with clear buttons, SmartHome provides an MS Word template for creating your labels.  I found it lacking in many ways.  So, I made my own.

Here are the problems I had with SmartHome’s template:

  • Labels don’t quite fit the buttons.  Especially the labels for the large buttons are too small, leave too much white plastic showing around the outside.
  • Designed for 8.5 x 11 paper.  I wanted to print on photo paper, which I have in 4×6 size.
  • Their use of MS Word is really primitive, relying on manually changing the paragraph spacing amounts to center the text vertically.  The spacing you have to use is different depending on how many lines of text you put in the button.

I made my own MS Word label template, with these differences from SmartHome’s:

  • Page size is 4×6″, to match the standard-sized inkjet photo paper.  KeypadLinc labels work out quite nicely printed on photo paper.  The thicker stock diffuses the backlight more evenly.
  • Adjusted the sizes of the buttons to make a better fit.
  • Each button contains a table with a single cell, and that cell is set to center text vertically.  This way you don’t have to screw around with paragraph spacing values to center the text.  As you add more lines of text, it recenters itself automatically.
  • Better use of MS Word styles, to make it easier to alter the style of all the buttons at once.

I also included some instructions on how best to apply effects like background colour (use the Format Auto-shape’s “Colors and Lines” feature, rather than the “Borders and Shading”… it gives you access to options like gradient fill and using an image as the background.)

Here is my label template file: KeypadLinc Label Template

And here’s the file that produced the labels in the photo above: Bedside KeypadLinc Labels

It shows the use of gradient-shaded backgrounds and a photo background.  The text on the FIREPLACE button uses the Engrave font effect, to make it more legible against the fire background image.

8 Responses to “KeypadLinc button label template”

  • The keypadlinc label template works great! Thanks for doing such a nice job on it and then making it available!

  • Great file it works perfectly.


  • Well done! Made some simple changes to take care of my 8-button KeypadLinc buttons and some long words. Also changed the border lines to faint yellow to be a little more forgiving in cutting out with my X-acto knife. Works great! Thanks for your developmental work.

  • Awesome, thank you, kind sir!

  • Your template is one heck of a lot better than the one listed on the smarthome website. Thanks so very much for your generosity in sharing. You have my gratitude.

  • Just wanted to say thank you while I have your site handy. I’ve accessed your Word template and edited it, but I’m holding off printing until I finalize the button layout.

    Thanks for the template work I appreciate something being coded in a manner that makes editing easy as opposed to a file cobbbled together with spaces and paragraphs! I also enjoyed reading some of your other entries.

    Interesting how LED lights have changed. I just loaded up on NOMA bulbs at C. Tire for 50 cents a crack. I may soon be able to afford to turn on my outside lights!

  • Thank you for this. I was just about to roll my own and found yours. Big time saver!

  • Thank you for making this public! Very helpful!

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