Spam: will it ever end?

It has been observed by many people that spam levels have shot up tremendously in the last half year. Largely due to bot-nets of cracked Windows PCs, which tend to make the older spam-fighting mechanisms like server blacklists ineffective. And largely image-based spam defeats heuristic analyzers like Bayesian filters.

Somehow even email addresses that I hardly ever use, and which were formerly completely spam-free, have started getting spam. I figure somebody I know must have got their computer 0wned. Crap.

I wonder now… will we ever really find a permanent solution to the spam problem? The alternative is too terrible to contemplate. Will I have to spend spending the next 30 years deleting 50 stock pump-n-dump spams every day?

Is this what Hell is like?

3 Responses to “Spam: will it ever end?”

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  • Ha! I think my post actually got blocked as spam. 🙂

  • No, you didn’t get blocked. You just went into the moderation queue. I moderate 100% of comments, to guarantee that no spam will ever see the light of day on my blog, even for a minute.

    But actually Akismet is such an effective and accurate comment-spam filter that I could probably turn moderation off if I wanted to.

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